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December 24, 2021

Lucifer is the SUN.

The LIGHT BRINGER for feck’s sake.

How much more obvious could it be?

O, how have you fallen from HEAVE-N, SON/SUN of the MOURNING!


Every DAY, DEI, the SON/SUN of the MOURNING R-ISIS in the East (F-EAST).

It claims the HOURS/HORUS of the Dei….

Over-Whelmed as we are by it’s raZZle daZZle, we are BLIND to what IS.

In DUNE, the FREMEN, the freemen, knew the sun was the any-me.

It gave us the Duality of Dei and night, It SPLIT the HEAVENs.


Heck, the sun even eats colour.



For Ashes…

I have stared boldly into the sun, the mid dei sun…..sometimes for 20-30 minutes. For many years now.

Once you can gaze into it boldly, you are never again blinded by the light of any one or anything.

Brings SO much balance into life…I have stared into an eclipse as well.

The Vedas are ALL about Solar Cultism (Tat Savitur Varayneeum), the CHURCH is a solar cult.

Judaism and Islam are Lunar cults.

But, do you C?

It’s so counter intuitive.

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