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2022, SIX, SEX, HEX…

January 1, 2022

Sow, my friends.
What do we have in store this new gregorian clock big hand shift to 2022?
The thing, I think, is that it’s the year of the REAPER.
Not the grim reaper mind you. That is just fear based religio-cult programming bullshit.
No no no.
It will be the year of the REAPER as in, we will reap what we have SOWed.
This year a SIX(2022), so SEXy, the Tantric Mahayantra, the iShTAR of David, Fire and Ice, upward and down word, all balancing OUT.
Ye shall reap what ye shall SOW.
But if only that was all there is to it right?
Brahma (sow), Vishnu (Caretake, Till, Clean, Nurture), Shiva (Reap).
No great crop grows in a day either. So this is all about long cycles closing. We have been prepared, each in our own unique ways, to learn to release. Wars and rumors of wars, dis eases and DEFINITE rumors of dis eases.

Famines and Daaaak Wintuhs.

If you flow with the script, I’d say this is the time to prepare to shed.
Weight, attachments of the heavy sort, toxic anything (things, substance, people, situations, places), misconceptions, ignorance….
All of it.
Only the leanest will get through the i off the Need El!
So you don’t reap what you sow. You reap what you sow and tend.
Look back, with a clear eye… the places where balance was lost leap out, clear as night. If not resolved, expect resolution.
Has to be. Now that we are all clearly in lock-step with the higher storyline, it behoves us to at last be honest with ourselves first.
C’mon, you know I’m saying TOTAL honesty.
A Karmic year for sure.
We shall reap what we sowed and tended all our adult lives.
I say BRING IT! Such a relief…

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