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Mad I Seen…

January 2, 2022

Kay, so we all need talking points when we come across people with beliefs that are diverse from ours.
I used to have TOO MANY some years ago. Greater knowledge, refinement, wisdom with years etc. shrank that to mostly silence and a smile. I feel NO need to explain myself to any one. I’m, as they say, good šŸ™‚
Not to the point of being rude though, plus, there are some people, who with open minds DO engage in healthy debate, for them here are two that I keep in my quiver regarding the modern medical cyst-m.
a) Yes, a).
a) is the point that, we were ALL sold this lie in school that just a little over a hundred years ago, people used to drop like flies at 30-40 years of age. Short little lives.
Ravaged by all manner of disease that had NO CURE, till rucksfucker medicine came by early in the 20th century.
Yes, these short lived people, world over, somehow managed to squeeze 200 years of life into those short, disease ridden 50 years, if lucky. They built buildings and ornaments and everything in between, figured out the secrets to life, were astronomers, astrologers, long cycle things aware…..but lived short, disease ridden lives.
We are given black and white photos of grimy existences in the MUDDLE ages, a misnomer if there ever was one. This was also when, supposedly, all those magnificent castles, forts, cathedrals etc. were being built.
By their own tortured, lie filled Scaligarian timeline.
So I look around.
On my mothers side… Grandma and grandpa lived to 85 and 70, GGrandma lived to 85 and GGrandpa to 99.
Hmmmmmm…… and the photos they had of their ancestors, were all of wizened 80-90 year olds.
On my father’s side, Grandma and Grandpa lived to 70 and 97 and their parents, who I only saw pictures of, were ANCIENT.
I can safely say this is true for 10 of my close friends, all with parents, and grandparents in their late 80’s and early 90’s.
Village people lived EVEN LONGER!
And this takes us back to people born in the 1840’s, 50’s…. living long, healthy, mentally sane lives.
The younger generations have had a MUCH higher level of disease in general.
Such a faaaaghing lie.
Even in emergency medicine, come see a Puttur Bone Setter at work sometime. Puts together a shattered bone with a single, well defined pull, twist and set.
Did you know that all early surgeons were BARBERS? Yes, BARBERS were the earliest SURGEONS.
Proof positive of this is that in the Livery company system in the city of Londonium, The Honorable Company of Barbers is OLDER than the Honorable Company of Surgeons which was in fact a subordinate part of the Company of Barbers. It’s good to stay humble and know your roots, eh?
Barbers were the first Surgeons. Imagine that.
But, to not digress, yea, look at old photos and see ALL THE OLD, WIZNED, WISE and usually HAPPY looking old people.
Go to the small villages in the hills of Nepal, Oldies EVERY WHERE.
The big lie of life extension…ugh. The bigger lie of quality of life extension.
Painkillers made us afraid of pain, as a collective.
Pain is a teacher, booted OUT by quick fix toxins.
You see?
One other tidbit, the Haaaaavuhd journal of Mad Icine, has an authoritative article on it which says that there are NO EXPIRY DATES FOR MODERN PILL MEDICINES. Being entirely inorganic and vacuum or nitrogen sealed, they should last forever.
How many hundreds of billions worth of MAD icines get tossed away every year due to having expired.
The whole thing is a giant faaaaghing money making scam of epic, long lasting proportions and is now the sword of Damocles falling on the collective neck.
Add the shameless faaaaaaghing In sure ance business, another scam of epic proportions, dancing with the epic scam of modern allopat hic hic mad icine….
Damn Paw litical korrektness, but I think the fat lady is about to sing…this year…

Bad boy, bad boy, what y’gonna do?

May be art
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  1. Stephen Romey permalink
    January 3, 2022 3:02 pm

    As Usual, I could not agree more on the level of ‘medical’ fraud going on in our society. It takes a powerful intuition to see through the utter bull shit of the current paradigm. It reeks of what some may call the Kali Yuga or very low level of human consciousness. Of course, there is debate in many quarters as to what Yuga (if any) we are currently in. I am actually coming to the point of view of Charles Dickens (‘A Tale of Two Cities’), that we live both in the best of times and the worst of times. Clearly, people have many opportunities to grow and develop – I access your blog via the ‘internet.’ But, polarity seems to be extreme as the internet is also full of fraud and perversion.

    I think I will just be stubborn and live in the ‘best of times’ seeing through the massive fraud of the world’s ‘governments’ and quietly charting my own path.

    • January 17, 2022 12:04 pm

      It’s not even stubborn really. It’s about the vibe around us, inside us. All matches up. We are each exactly where we are meant to be….

  2. January 3, 2022 6:03 pm

    Medicine and “Mad I Seen” – the leaders have put on the most serious expression while pushing the COVID scam, lockdowns, masks, and vaccines. The seriousness of their expression can only come from insanity, not concern for others.

  3. January 6, 2022 10:16 pm

    Can you elaborate on how the fat lady is going to sing? In terms of what medical system? economical system? or ALL systems?

    • January 17, 2022 12:03 pm

      All of, bit by bit, then all together. At least that seems to be the plan in the meatrix. Reality will depend on our choices….

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