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Fumk it!

January 4, 2022

So, I say Fumk being the Divine Masculine and Feminine.
For now.
How about first BEING Masculine or Feminine as the case may be?
What does that EVEn mean?
Do we know anymore?
It’s accessible, but is it reachable?
What role models do we have for authentic Masculinity and Femininity anymore?
An exercise I did a LOT, that really gave me deep and trippy insights into myself was this:
Sit in a quiet place with a Mirror and LOOK into your eyes.
Keep looking and looking and looking. Deeply.
Ultimately the entity on the other side speaks to you in your mind. It IS you after all.
And it tells you deep, sometimes uncomfortable but always liberating realities about your “Self”.
Because one of THE most difficult things in this living life is doing an HONEST SELF-ASSESSMENT.
The mirror, as it turns out, IS magickal. But it must be used like a tool.
And so, man or woman, you will real eyes where you need to straighten up, where you need to let go, where you need to sharpen, where you need to nourish.
And as you do those things, you lose personas and become more and more YOUR self.
And if you are a man, then authentic masculinity will flower from with-in…a strengthening, a calming, a focus, an awareness…likewise for a woman.
Look/see…. A Man and a Woman are each other’s Inverts. Poles apart. That is how we were created.
For maximum attraction.
The man all Kinetic, the woman all potential.
You see, they got the feminine on the run these last few hundred years, now going mad along with their male counterparts, rushing.
The feminine is dark, still, fecund, unpredictable.
Now, in the same RUT, rotting away.
Think, how many women put a chlorine bleached, toxic cotton penis up their sacred place, 6 daze a moonth, so they can go to work.
Taking a blade to their entire bodies every morning, to shave.
You C?
Porn and it’s attendant fall in morality worldwide, destroyed the masculine single-handedly.
Boom, the male lost all self control.
Now Hundred of millions take the “Blue Pill” so they can fumk!
And thus we mush around in the middle, in the muddle.
Reclaim who you are fully first, then make it holy…

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