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Xit the Circle!

September 6, 2022

A CIRCLE has only 2 Exits.
Through the CENTER or at 90 Degrees from the Circumference.
90 degrees is a humanly impossible angle. It is the DEATH represented by PERFECTION that the masons learn about.
There is no 90 degrees in Nature. Nor any perfect circles, except the SUN.
The great MONTHEISTIC/ABRAHAMIC/BRAHMANIC re-ligions all WARSHIP the SUN, every day, in TEMPO-EL’s everywhere, giving it’s egrgore WARSHIPPER energy to BURN.
How do you shatter a circle?
By breaking it’s CENTER or slipping out of it at a TAN-GENT.
And what is Tan 90? Sin/Cos (Sin/Cause) 90 = 1/0 = INFINITY.
You see?
Where is this RECT-Angle available to US?
In our RECT-UM?
The inversion is complete when you real-lies the construct.
The QUEST-i-ON is to thus find the CENTER and blow through it.
When you IMPLODE, 2D becomes 3D, the circle becomes a Spiral, the stranglehold of the Circle trap is broken…
and the Quest changes.
You went from PI (2D, where a circle is PERFECTION) to PHI…
pHi is when the BREATH entered PI.
Breath is the vehicle of freedom, the source of ALL POWER in this realm.
When you cease breath voluntarily, releasing all dependence, you are truly IN-DEPENDENT.


Ask questions, this is a KEY…

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  1. Stephen permalink
    September 7, 2022 10:49 am

    So, the great Yogis understood the need for the ‘breathless state.’ Yes, Pranayama. The breathless state, kundalini activation, samadhi. The words of freedom.

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