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This is the short version of the BOOK/DVD/CD page. (PICTURES)

The core reason behind their release is this:

If you are really called to participate in the un-foldment of what I believe is a powerful body of deep, original knowledge and understanding, one which carries the promise of easing the world into this momentous transition we are currently experiencing… all tied together into a larger weave, a broader con-text, then do participate.

The details are all in the link below. Perhaps too much detail but then again….

What do you get?

1) The book: PATH



4) A Certificate of Sharing

5) Additional COS as desired

What is a Certificate of Sharing? It’s laid out in the link below.

How do you buy?

Just go through the link below (might further stoke your interest), Paypal link included…


In Truth,


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  1. Sam permalink
    July 5, 2012 6:11 am

    Hey man hows it hangin? I’ve been lurking here for 8 mos (found you on ZH after lurking like 8 months there prior lol) I gotta say your way of thinking, writing, wordplay, big-picture pullbacks and historical references is EXACTLY my way of thinking-I find it easier to hold a mental picture, if its the full mental picture. The full 1000 words is less taxing on my mind than incongruent, discrete particles. It seems in knowledge, as in finance, the flow is more important than the stock, and you have to be able to interrelate knowledge to even hope to understand it. My process of understanding has been boosted ever since I found alternative media, standing on the shoulders of such giants as the internet affords (who are minute in comparing exposure received to that which they are due). To digress briefly, I often can’t understand why my age peers (im 21) can’t see the quality and professionality available online if you but would do your due diligence before handing over your personal details and convictions. Case in point, aadivahan (what does that even mean?)

    Anyway I like your style, man. You’re one of the people on ZH, if you reply to a comment I skipped, I’m 10x more likely to review it, simply because if ORI saw some kernel of truth in there, well shit maybe it’s worth running a quick search on some of the claims in that comment. That’s how I find my best stuff…not even in the articles. And all this was wrote just as a preface to a minor frustration-and even more minor donation. The frustration is that I’m low on funds and was, like, tooootally about to BUY, but I don’t have $ (easy as) 123. IN fact, $23 has me somewhat over budget, but your work must go on (more on that in a bit). I’d be glad to shoot you a small token, partly also for the pleasure your work has brought me in such a brief time. But, I can’t find the donate button (is this really a wordpress blog????) How do you prefer?

    ALso, I wondered if you’d come across Dmitri Orlov’s ( work, and this professor guy over at economic undertow ( If you have, run through their links. At this point, information n communication of said information are really all we’ve got. To that end I will be purchasing the collection shortly. Meantimes, howsabout a fella break you off bout, twenty-three fiddy? šŸ˜€
    Here’s to your visions, a possible padding for the end of the oil age, and with enough luck, maybe a return of personal liberty and self-directedness. Who knows? Ipad accessory sales may even be affected!

    • July 6, 2012 9:17 am

      Howdy yer’self Sam. As you can imagine, I had a huge smile on my face as i read your comment. Your energy is palpable through your words. So glad to have contributed to your existence positively. In many ways, the “who/what/why’ do you write question finds it’s answer in responses such as yours. šŸ™‚

      As for Aadivaahan, it means Aadi : Of the Origin, Original and Vaahan : Vehicle

      So this is my vehicle for original expression. And it is also the name of the Vehicle that is going to end the Age of Oil. Your offer of 23 fiddy is really kind…. South Park on the other hand gets an eye-roll from me!!! I am They and I did not kill anyone, just so you know! šŸ˜‰

      For now, your good energy is enough. If you choose to, perhaps you can help spread the word? Evangelize? Money is just another expression of energy anyways, yes?

      And yup, long time reader of Dimitry O. Sometimes I wish I had his dry sense of humor, but then, we are each unique and he is amazing. I feel very connected to his work, he speaks my language.

      Again, super to hear from you and stay in touch/comment more if you feel called.

      Thanks for sharing…

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