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Me on You…tube


This is my page on You Tube…recordings I’ve done from about 3 years ago onward.

Some rough, some with polish.

Introductions to my instruments and me.

In Joy…

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  1. December 26, 2011 5:06 pm

    Hey Aadivaahan,

    Check this out

    Mori Araj Suno

    It’s a wonderful composition. Listen along with the lyrics:

    Mori araj suno, dastagir pir [O my Lord, pay heed to my appeal]
    Mairee kahun kaa say mein apnay jiya ki pir [I am a faithful follower of my Creator]
    Mori araj suno, dastagir pir [O my Lord, pay heed to my appeal]
    Rabba sachiya, toon tay akhia see [My true Lord, you had said]
    Ja oye bandiya jug da shah ain tu [Go man, you are master of the world]
    Saadian nemataan terian daulataan nenh [My bounties on earth are your treasure]
    Saada naib the alijah ain tu [You are the viceroy of your Creator]
    Ais laaray teh torr kadh puchia eh [After baiting me with these promises]
    Kee ais nimanay teh beetiyaan nenh [Countless years have passed by]
    Kadde saar we layee o rab saiyaan [My Lord, did you ever enquire what transpired with your man]
    Terey shah naal jugh kee kitiyan nenh [What your man has suffered in this world?]
    Kithay dhons police sarkar dee eh [Somewhere, those in power and with the means intimidate, harass and terrorize]
    Kithay dhandhli maal patwaar di eh [Elsewhere, draft and bribery are rampant]
    Ainj hadaan wich kalpay jaan meri [My soul is shaken down to my bone]
    Jeevain phahee ich koonj kurlaundi eh [Just like a bird flutters when caught in a trap]
    Changa shah banayaee rab saiyaan [You made a fine king indeed, my sweet lord]
    Paulay khaandayaan waar na aundi eh [All I have gotten are endless beatings]
    Mainu shahi naeen chaidi rab meray [I don’t want kingship, my Lord]
    Mein tay izzat da tukkar mangna haan [All I need is a morsel of respect]
    Meinu taang naeen mehlaan maraiaan di [I have no desire to live in palaces]
    Mein tay jeevain di nukkar mangnaa haan [I just want a small nook to live my life]
    Meri mannain tay tairian main mannan [If you agree with me, I will agree with you]
    Teri sohn jay ik wi gal moran [I won’t decline anything no matter how unreasonable]
    Jey ay sauda nai pujda te rabba [If you don’t look out for me God!]
    Fayr main jawan teh rab koi hor loraan [Then I should go and seek for myself another god]
    Mori araj suno, dastagir pir [O my lord, pay heed to my appeal]

    Great voice , only your music is missing 😉

    Mystickal Blessings,


  2. January 29, 2014 6:39 pm

    Can we meet up I’m gypsy need to get told my purpose I was never like this

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