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May 6, 2021

The cycle will play out, of that you can be sure.

They always have, have they not? Great empires rose and fell, over thousands of years. Nations rose to great heights, then fell. Great technologies came and fell by the wayside. Our own lives rise and then fall.

Within our lifetimes, more cycles, cycles within cycles.

But the master cycle is relentless. No one “cheats” death, only transcends it, if at all.

Point being, master cycles, great cycles, super cycles will run their course. And the appropriate actors will come on stage and play their part. Us included.

The only “free will” within the super cycle’s un-foldment, is what part will you play in the drama?

What were you pre-disposed to play, with lineage, epi-genetics etc. What learnings led you closer to your calling?

Because if there was ever a time to find your calling, this is it.

Imagine trying to hang onto a support in a roiling ocean and that support itself (us) is on an unstable, weak and shaky foundation. That is how I lived the majority of my 55 years. Doing other’s callings.

Sometimes against my will (like my time in the Navy, with no way out) or willingly, sucking at the tasty teat of materialism.

But then, I slowed down AND shut up for long enough to hear my inner voice again. One cannot even IMAGINE the layers upon layers of nonsense white noise that the inner voice hides under.

Impossible in the midst of the grinding, groaning, whirring, hissing matrix.
Seven years of Solitude. And Psy-Lens.

And drumming, for 3-4 hours at a stretch, my faithful djembe, till there were no hands, no drum, no beat… no thing.

Finding one’s calling put’s one is synch with the cyclicals. You came here with something, added to it, substracted from it, multiplied it, divided it…. and when it’s essence is clear and your past too is present with your now just in it’s essence (weight-less), you will find your core, your throb, your reason for being.

That, fully energized, is your most effective role in the unfoldment. Any deviations are to either teach you something, make you meet someone, take or give you additional resources…etc.

GI Gurdjieff wrote of this, extensively. He called it “The time of the coming of the madness of men”, when great wars etc. are fought as an example.

The greater cycles are dense, powerful…that is why they say resistance is futile.
Can you even stop a wave?

Best you can do is surf it like a BOSS!

Ride the Waves with Urge Surfing — CBT Online

Table Top Mountains?

May 5, 2021

Hissssstory is such a lie. Such a massive obfuscation of what was that it’s staggering as you peel the layers away.

One such peel away moment for me was watching a video, I think 5-6 years ago, called No Forests on Flat Earth…..the premise was mind-boggling and brilliantly presented.

That this earth we live on is a pygmy earth because in times past there were trees on this plane that were 2-30 miles high. Like in the movie Avataar.

That what we consider tall trees today are the shrubs of the past and we, mere shadows of our powerful, tree-dwelling selves.

And then example after example of what we were taught are “Mesas” or flat-top or table-top mountains. Tens upon thousands of them, scattered all over the world.

Once you’ve seen it with those eyes, you cannot unsee it…. total loss of past paradigm.

Now with that thought in mind, look at the picture and imagine a tree rose out of that table-top.


May be an image of nature

I’m Sirius Osiris!

April 30, 2021

An extract from the Egyptian Book of the Dead….Rather fitting for this time, because, along with the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo) and the deep and early story of Yama (The God of Death and Nachiketa, the most earnest seeker ever, because he pestered the very god of death to teach him about death) in the Hindu pantheon, we have what seem to be authoritative accounts of what happens after the Spirit and the Flesh DIvidE.

The root of DIe is DIvide.

Death is simply a division.

So anyways, upon division, you clearly passed through a portal and as we all know, all Port-Els need a password to pass through.


If only eh? No, your password is your spirit’s vibration.

Were you, all loose ends tied together in the dual realm, light as a feather?

Then you would shimmer right through the eye of the needle.

Osiris would find that your heart is indeed lighter than a feather and up you’d go in the higher vibrational fields, where gross things cannot hang on.

Recycling the unworthy is actually a rather fair system. What good letting a low frequency in a high frequency environment. Notice how we react to feedback on a speaker? EEEEEEEEE!!!!! No good.

Better you go back into the furnace, to again give yourself the opportunity to heat, quench and cleanse your self of whatever it is that did not permit you to vibrate high enough to have the pass word.

Remember, John 1:1, First there was the WORD (LOGOS)…

LOGOS to build worlds, LEGOS to build cheap, plastic simulacra of them. Hah!

So, yes, this is a Furnace. And if you do not feel the furnace, you should be seeking it, actively. Tapas is Heat, the inner furnace of bellows breath….

The great turning of the ages, which is like the slow grind of a giant wheel, has well and truly begun. of course it would be full of change on a scale not witnessed by those alive and many generation before as well.

So, in the face of all this, what did the Egyptians vow they would not do, or rather did not do, in the life just left behind, that allowed them to keep their vibration high.

Also, Logic (Fallen Logos), but apt and apropos: Only light things can vibrate at high freequencies…

A very very telling list in this recitation.

There is a key one that had caught my eye, that made me save it, then understand it and see a direct, one-to one correlation-causation story in the worst way for humanity.

A story for another day…. but for now, from the Egyptian book of the dead…any guesses what is such a gimmie for our collective, rather fallen situation?

From the Book of the Dead, Spell 125:

Spell 125 of the Book of the Dead, contrary to the Book of Exodus, contains a moral code represented in a form of Negative Confession that the dead person has to recite when he descends to the hall of the Two Truths. He shall say:
Hail to thee, great God, Lord of the Two Truths. I have come unto thee, my Lord, that thou mayest bring me to see thy beauty. I know thee, I know thy name, I know the names of the 42 Gods who are with thee in this broad hall of the Two Truths . . . Behold, I am come unto thee. I have brought thee truth; I have done away with sin for thee. I have not sinned against anyone. I have not mistreated people. I have not done evil instead of righteousness . . .
I have not reviled the God.

I have not laid violent hands on an orphan.I

have not done what the God abominates . . .

I have not killed; I have not turned anyone over to a killer.

I have not caused anyone’s suffering . . .

I have not copulated (illicitly);

I have not been unchaste.

I have not increased nor diminished the measure,

I have not diminished the palm;

I have not encroached upon the fields.

I have not added to the balance weights;

I have not tempered with the plumb bob of the balance.

I have not taken milk from a child’s mouth;

I have not driven small cattle from their herbage . . .

I have not stopped (the flow of) water in its seasons;

I have not built a dam against flowing water.

I have not quenched a fire in its time . . .

I have not kept cattle away from the God’s property.

I have not blocked the God at his processions.

The weighing of the heart against the feather of truth. This papyrus... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Psy-Lens IS Golden!

April 29, 2021

More on the language construct:

Once your mind’s i has turned inwards, it will never look at the outer world the same way again.

This is what happened to me and Inglish.

I used to be a confident, opinionated and outspoken person in the old paradigm. I used the language in all it’s “taught” depth with finesse, if I may say to myself.

Then a series of little things happened that made my life pivot, pivot, pivot.

Those tales, and boy are there tales, I’ll save for another day. Suffice to say that Kicked Silly Con valley in it’s teeth and spent 5 years as an illegal (probably one of the most overqualified illegals in California).

As my financial situation worsened, I fell into the inviting laps of society’s rebels and re-jects. Relentless crew, they delivered one eye-opening MORE-on after another.

Remember LESS-on and MORE-on? I’m a MORE-on and so should you attain MORE-on hood.

So, with my brain now mush from having had my world-view swept from under my feet (thank you Rense dot com ), further mushed by the regular and copious and reverential consumption of the green goddess, for which northern Kali-Fornia’s hills are famous.

And it struck me, thinking one day, sitting in a Papa-san in San Rafael, that I was or at least used to be a man of convictions. But then, I had my tipping point moment, so innocent and simple, but it quelled the fire under my tongue.

Convicts have convictions.

So how come having convictions in the free world is good, but if you “Get” a conviction, you go to Gaol (olde SPELL-ing of Jail, yes, that is why every game has a GOAL (GAOL, simple inversion for the language makers), you are constantly heading to, yearning for, striving to get into GOAL (GAOL, Jail).

SO much for GAOL setting eh?

Oh yes, and when you “set” a GAOL, you start an UNDER-TAKING?

Or is that an END-EVER?

You C how it goes? It’s a rabbit hole.

And just as I was really coming of AGE-SAGE, my tongue, once a confident whip-lash, was now floundering all over the place. I knew I was speaking in TONGUES!

Real MEAN-ing (how mean), implied meaning, contextual meaning, esoteric meaning, etymological roots)….on an on as a word struggled to hold onto a familiar hook, that in my mind, had been erased.

And so, as if by divine guidance, relation-SHIP (hmmmm) ended, left my super cushy CEO job, took myself to a family house I never thought I would ever even re-visit, had it painted in a riot of colour, holy, regal and sacred geometric riot of colour.

And it’s midst, I sat for 7 years, mostly in silence.

In 2018, something shifted, once again, entirely refreshed ideas, language split wide open, it’s reigns, via a deep dive to it’s roots, firmly in hand, I started talking again.

For those 7 quiet years, I let my instruments speak for me.

And I lived in a house with no mirror. Zero self-referentiality except that which was “felt” in expanded awareness of my physicality. So much injury in pushing boundaries of physical expression.

But either in silence, or diving into the “Source”…where did sound originate from? Where did ideas transform into words? What was this amazing, powerful meeting of two rivers, the Subtle breath of the mind and the gross breath of the lungs, vulvulated by a powerfully controllable vulvally shaped valve/muscle.

The fluttering vulva….

What a dance of dimensions.

And please don’t be A-MAZED by all this, you’ll only be in a maze…

As always, for all the glorious babble of language, the anti-dote is known to all as well.

Silence IS Golden…

That’s me, on my terrace, dancing my inverted dance for Ganesh!

Vivek Chaturvedi (@aadivaahan) | Twitter

Gauging our LAN!

April 28, 2021

In this inverted reality, the TRUTH is a LIE.

First, please understand, and of course all/most of you already know this, language is a deeply considered construct. It is NOT an evolutionary thing as in grunt grunt became Give me a cup of Tea.

Wise old beings of yore either downloaded or developed systems of writing to best convey the depth of their words for two reasons:

1) Repeated consumption, so of course the first “written” books were religious manuals.

2) For posterity

A Vocal/Verbal/Memory tradition had been “reduced” to Alphabet. Why reduced? I’ve read such beautiful poetry, such beautiful romance, such truth (!!!)….. but it’s really simple.

A higher dimensional dataset (sound, vocalization, words, meaning, intent, context etc., 4 or 5 or more dimensional?) was to be reduced to 2 dimensions.

Such extreme data loss eh?

First step down was from the realm of ideas (9th dimensional concept) to the realm of speech (4-5 Dimensional). Signal LOSS!

Then down to Writing. Massive signal loss.

Which was of course Rite-ing, in CURSIVE, using SPELL-ing, glued together by the rules of the Grimoire (Grammer).

Now this is why this journey is EXTREMELY important for everyone. This is how I see it:

When you re-vivify what you read in 2 dimensions, via your own mind, it’s knowledge, biases, acculturation etc., think of two things:

1) How far removed this was from the “Idea” that bore it?

2) How much “Chinese Whisper Effect” happened in the translation-retranslation?

And now imagine the dank, death oriented court of a brUtish royal in the 14-1500’s.

She has two of the western world’s best known alchemists in her court. Sir John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon.

And she has a restive populace. The reverberations of the much misunderstood and maligned magna carta still rippling a few centuries later.

The inbred old hag, whose name, thankfully, slips my mind, asks her two black magicians to alter the language in such manner that those who would speak it, her Sub-Jects (re-jects, de-jects, in-jected…what the heck IS a Ject?) would go mad…..slowly.

John Dee had recently started contacting “Other worldly” spirits and together with his friend, Bacon and three other friends from the Society of Athena (The Spear Shaker, thus Shakespeare) started channeling these demonically inspired messages into

a) The new english and

b) plot lines that would destroy the social and moral fabric of people who watched the plays.

The new english would have all the weird inversions that I’ve presented over the years. Delighted to meet you. De-Lighted is En-Darkened. See the inversion?

Defend me, defend me.

De-Fend, to remove that which fends (De-Fence)….

Oh that’s AWE-SOME (the best)…

Oh that’s AWE-FULL (the WORST)

Week Days (Weak Daze), Followed (Fall-Lowed) by Week Ends (Weak Ends)….And everyone is a follower (Fall Lower)….

Such a shock to find that english is largely made up of compound words.
Etymology is the KEY.

See, even a DICTIONARY is a DICTION-ARY. Diction is HOW to SAY a word, not what it means.

So they lie about the meanings, because that book never promised any…. See how cleverly it’s all been done?

So the force feeding of Shakespeare’s new english ridden, and for that time soul destroying concept filled slop, by edict…changed OLDE ENGLISH into this modern mad-maker.

That is why an ARMY of Shakespeare COMPANIES (A company is a term of the military) fanned out into the countryside, performing at a blistering pace.

And if ole Shakes a Pear is coming to town, you HAD to attend, by royal edict and the threat of great harm. An entire nation was re=programmed, new words, new letters and also all new social constructs.

Can you imagine what Romeo and Juliet must have done to the youth of the time?

This is how you RE-BOOT an entire nation.

Once they had their mind fucked foot soul-diers, COLONization began to spread the mad making poison of modern english. If you wanted to climb in a COLONized country, english was your key. And a healthy does of subservience of course.

Easy peasy, people clamoring amongst each other to download the tongue that would captivate their mind and drive them crazy.

Some people say…nah, that’s just word play. No it’s not. Think….

Words make you dance, sit, work, cry, laugh, associate, express…. they are the very foundation of our existence.

And we dare think that the designer of this giant edifice, an edifice standing largely on the back of the english speaking western world, did not know what they were doing?

Language is the software of our system. It builds our reality.

So of course, the TRUTH is actually a LIE.

What is the letter T? It represents the HEADLESS MAN. It means at the core level of language that includes this letter, only the DECAPITATED MAN can play. Capito Diminutus Maxima. Imagine an Egyptian ANKH with it’s top removed. That is T. The Shoulders and spine, the cross, but missing it’s top.

A dead Letter.

So it is in some of the root words like THE, IT, TO, THIS, THAT, THOSE, THEM etc.


RUTH is an old testament character who was widowed and then became “Famous, she has her book on the Old T.” for the self-lessly loyal service she did to her mother-in-law. A total doormat story. Nothing “tRUTHfull” about her story at all.


And then, you come down to the construct of each letter, what has changed and why, by whom?

And what is it doing to our minds and hearts, repeating this inverted mantra in our head every day, day after day.

This was the biblical scattering of the tongues, part deaux….

Now we ALL speak with a forked tongue. We say one thing and unbeknownst to us, mean another. And then we wonder why there is so much misunderstanding in the world today.

Ponder it, it’s worthy of your attention.

And yes, Shakespeare was simply a collective of the best and brightest in the Q’s court, along with their pals from a secret society called The Society of Spear Shakers.


A True & Faithful Relation of Dr John Dee & Some Spirits (limited ed) –  GOHD Books

More Sonny Tales!

April 26, 2021

Sun worship began with the Rig Vedic times in India (Savitur) and Egypt with RA via Akhenaten. The first great Monotheistic Cults focused the egregore of their devotees to keep the Sun going.

Via Theosophy (another wabbit hole):

An egregore (pronounced egg’ gree gore) is a group thought-form. It can be created either intentionally or unintentionally, and becomes an autonomous entity with the power to influence and exist.

All the fire services, all the oil and wood and trained brahmin voices spitting freequencies……going into flame, for millenia. The most famous sacred fires in India all bear tales of emerging from complete submersion in wild floods, still burning, eternal flames…..

Sublimation through flame to the un-seeable gods above. Hmmmmm…..

This reality we in-habit is a common thought form with all the manifestation of omni humanity behind it.

All modern religions are Solar Cults. The cult of Ra.

The radius is the RA-Deus, the divine ray that is the limit of our perception, with our stereo eyes sharing the locus of our focus.

And remember MON-ARCH, my arch, the most HIGH?

All circles, like the Sun, the only natural perfect circle.

BTW, this decode is from deep experience.

I started looking at the late morning sun with open eyes about 10 years ago.
Over time I went to staring at the mid day sun for 15-20 minutes at a time.
As you can tell, I can see fine. I must have done this hundreds of times over the years.

Last year I stared into the eclipse.

Someone did not want us looking into the Sun.

Because it’s “Secrets” are all too easily revealed. Heck, it shines them out every “VISIBLE, DI-VISIBLE” moment…

Like a Lens, the global mind has been focused into daily gratitude for the rising of the sun, the morning star, Lucyfer…

And at the locus of the global focus, the egregore behaves as we’ve come to expect it to….

The Golems of eastern europe come to mind…

And that is the story of the ReaSUN for the SeaSUN!

Blinded by the LIGHT!


May be an image of fire and outdoors

Re-Sun for the Sea-Sun?

April 26, 2021

So the SUN is a saviour?
That SUN which dries out, dis-colours, Bleaches, Eviscerates?
That “Merciless” SUN?
Tat Savitur Vareniyam?

And ALL “CREATION” happens in the DARKNESS, MOISTNESS, FECUNDITY of womb like spaces.

The EGG is dark, moist and fecund.

In fact, the Sanskrit word for Universe is Anda (Egg).


Our BRAINS are dark, moist, fecund too.

The inversion is complete, we worship that which is our destroyer.

There was wisdom in those FREMEN!

Could it be? I’m not asking lightly…Pun, of course, intended 😂

May be an image of outdoors

Bitter Sweet…

April 25, 2021

When I encounter a bitter cucumber (and boy do I, summer, in India and local varieties, every 4-5th cuke is BITTER), I don’t do a gag reflex and spit it out.
Instead, I pay attention to the taste and make sure I eat as much as I can before it overwhelms me.
There are five sets of taste receptors on our tongue…

Sweet Sour Salty Bitter Savoury

Now think back on your diet for the past one week and remember the last time you tasted something bitter. as in really bitter, like aaag, gag bitter.

Because you sure as heck ate ice cream, a jam perhaps, some salty crackers/chips/peanuts, a lemon something or the other, perhaps some mouthwatering savory tamarind?

What about bitter? Left out in the cold by an acculturated diet where salt and sugar are deified addictions….

This huge imbalance is a big reason for people being off balance. If you cannot relish bitter, you will not be able to hear it either.

For 99.99% of you, I’ll bet the answer is nothing. or at best something that was too far on one of those axes and they default to bitter. Ever eaten too much cake and then regretted it? Ack!

Except where native, culturally inherited and locally apropos diet is followed, that all five tastes are balanced.

In fact, pharma needs to sugar coat it’s pills because ALL MEDICINE IS BITTER.
Hmmmmmmmm… interesting.

So personal experience…

I had an 18 month stint with functioning alcoholism when the dot com bubble burst in early 2000. I weigh 77 Kilos now ( for the past 18 years), I had ballooned to a 120 K’s. Looked all right, interestingly, felt terrible.

On the morning of 31st december 2000, I woke up with a swollen left big toe. Like a giant heirloom tomato. I was so far gone those days, I thought I must have crushed it against something while intoxicated and went hobbling for my starbucks. And there, a friend of mine took one look and said: Gout.

Gout…overburdened liver sending uric acid for storage to the farthest point from the heart (such genius in this body of ours)…

Anyways, i had the rich, old man’s disease as a recently poored, young man. I quit drinking that day. Cold Turkey Buzzard (drinkers will understand).

Not inclined to drop into the comforting arms of western medicine, I sought a local practitioner of Ayurved, this was in the Bay Area in Kalifornica…

She promptly gave me 3 sets of powders and set me on my way, with a mild threat of giving me coffee enemas if I did not improve fast…

Woke up the next morning, full of healing resolve, took the first powder, pop the spoon in the mouth…gaag, arghhhh, ptooooey….yack, ack…second one, same same, third…the WORST…

I called her up in righteous indignation and said, hey doc, I can’t swallow this bitter medicine.

She said, no sweat wannabe natural healer, bring them by, I’ll encapsulate them for you.

Easy….finished the course to no great avail.

Only many years (7 to be precise) later, I realized that the bitter taste of the powders was probably a huge part of their healing modality.

And so I consciously work bitter into my life. Grab and chew leaves off a neem tree, relish my bitter cucumber, a bitter almond? Bring it on, they’ve all but been engineered out of existence, because Laetrile (B17), the bitter element, cures all cancers.

Of course the best aethric bitter thing to swallow is the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth….about yourself first.

What Don Juan would call an uncompromising self-examination. It’s a heck of a journey.

Lot’s of bitter bile comes up, that needs to be swallowed.

It’s a near impossible first step for most of us. And you cannot get to step two without step one completed.

So, from personal experience, I can tell you, that on the 28th day of eating a handful of bitter neem leaves first thing every morning, they become sweet to me. The sweetest thing I knew.

And anything traditionally sweet felt BITTER, like off the charts.
I had successfully reset my baseline.

I wish I had a way to convince you of how important this is and how you can start to practice it today.

Talk to a naturopath (from any school, including Ayurved) and ask them give you the bitterest tasting natural powder which is neutral for the body.
Or if you’re lucky to live around neem, walk up, first thing in the morning…. thank the tree and take 6-12 leaves….munch, munch, munch…swallow.

And watch your life change.

In more ways than one. You see, as without so within. So now, suddenly words in my ear that I earlier found bitter, were just natural….I could deal with a lot of external bitterness.

I became waaaaay easier to be around, I’ll tell you that…

So, swallow the bitter pill. Seek it out…..

If I was to give anyone ONE piece of advice, that, if followed through with, would change their lives, this would be it…

So, kadwa khao, swashta ho jao!

Bitter Melon!!! So good…

May be an image of food

Brahmin : Dwij …

April 24, 2021

The only real definition of a Brahmin is : The twice Born.

Anyone who dies to themselves in this lifetime, by their own direct effort to that goal, is a Brahmin.

The thrice dead is the twice born…

Once while transitioning from a pee swimming water creature to an air-breathing biped.

And the second time by your own intention and practice, so you may be truly born again, this time of your own volition and total control.

Then the method and result of one’s third passing, that of shedding the mortal coil, is entirely in one’s hands.

The primary teaching of freemasonary, who we can all agree are the keepers of some deep esoteric information, teach a man not how to live, but how to die.

Brahmin — Dwij, one who is twiceborn…

Brahmin — Dwij, one who is twiceborn | by Advocate on Medium | Medium

Jai Devi!

April 24, 2021

The sob story of the oppressed and suppressed Indian Feminine is one of the biggest lies sold to the west by media. Ironically, for the westernized Indian set, it’s probably true, though for a host of different reasons.

Wipe those images of Life and NatGeo and the History Channel and other such lying, manipulative outlets from your minds

.And come and live a day in my shoes.

In the villages they rule the roost.

You can bet the lady below can teach us a thing or three about life.

I went deep into the hills of Nepal, a small rural hamlet with my XX….the stories I could tell.

Total plant wisdom.

Could grown anything.

Knew deeply the art of child birth and rearing, natal massage, skeletal system massage, nose re-shaping etc. etc… gorgeous children

Masters of animal husbandry

Brilliant chefs, rice and wheat and dandelion wine makers

Make anything from bamboo

Walk 4 hours to the market and back in the same day over some of the toughest terrain you can imagine

Drink you under the table

As physically prone to violence as the men. Give it and take it, but life goes on

Build the most beautiful cottages from scratch, no cement, no bricks.

Keepers of the traditions. Mistresses of ritual, puja, the elementals

So hardworking it was stupefying…

And more…

Gypsy Woman From India Stock Photo 34346141 - Megapixl

Silence IS Golden…

April 21, 2021

Here is a biggie…

Remember the Passion of Christ? Hollyweird showed it to the world in great and gory detail, so everyone, xtian and otherwise, saw that passion was suffering.

As a matter of fact, etymologically speaking…

passion (n.)c. 1200, “the sufferings of Christ on the Cross; the death of Christ,” from Old French passion “Christ’s passion, physical suffering” (10c.), from Late Latin passionem (nominative passio) “suffering, enduring,” from past-participle stem of Latin pati “to endure, undergo, experience,” a word of uncertain origin. The notion is “that which must be endured.”

So passion was all about pain and suffering and of course, thereby attached to sin, because he supposedly (the entire story is massively allegorical and astrotheological, but that’s a tale for another day) died for everyone’s sins.

And then of course, along came John Dee and his co-horts (the society of Spear Shakers) and turned olde english on it’s head.

And now, we are constantly exhorted to live with passion, find a passion, make love passionately….

Passion seems to be the driving force behind success, love, manifestation….everything.

And yet the root of the word is ultimate suffering.

And you have a lot of Com-Passion in your heart? you poor dear, so much suffering….

You get the drift.

Language is far more than a tool to enable communication.
It is, in this reality, EVERY THING.

The way we speak today is akin to child who grew up being told white is black and black is white and he wonders why he simply cannot get along in this world where everyone thinks he is crazy.

Multiply that by the millions and billions speaking this forked tongue. for thousands of years, is it any wonder our wor(l)d looks and sounds psychotic?

Genesis 11:7 : “Come let us go down and confuse their tongues, so they will not understand one another”…

Silence IS golden…

May be an image of text

Time to TRIP!

April 16, 2021

Only sustained, brutal PTSD inducing shocks to humanity could have produced the present scenario, where people are ready and willing to pay to be poisoned.

How much further could we be from nature and our own natural selves?

As the son of and later myself an officer in the armed forces, I have deep first hand experience.

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, fries the limbic brain, by short circuiting the fight or flight complex. Look at all animals, they know epigenetically what was good for them and what wasn’t. You never see an animal eating a poisonous mushroom.

With neither fight nor flight an option, the person freezes in the face of further trauma.

Daily mass media and the global cinematic and arts complex provides plenty of that, every day.

What else can explain even the tacit acceptance of war?

How out of touch does a mother have to be to have her defenseless, trusting baby be given upto 70 injections containing all manner of poisons…

How out of touch do you have to be to not see that all allopathic cancer protocols are murderous, toxic and most importantly unnecessary?

How out of touch do you have to be to not see the toxic food we eat and feed our loved ones?

How out of touch do you have to be to not be able to see the vast horror of animal suffering to satiate your taste buds? Never mind that the toxic meat slow poisons you anyways…

There is a PTSD epidemic if there is any epidemic at all…. it’s leading to self-harming behaviours. It’s creating a coward race….

Only plants have the answers from a global perspective.

Imagine the whole adult world tripping on a hero dose of magic mushrooms together…

Why I Decided to Revisit Psychedelics | by N.J. Elliott | Entheogen | Medium

Orange Cringe!

April 13, 2021

How brUtish freemasonary infected and destroyed Hinduism, making it a mere, rather dirty shadow of it’s former powerful self.

Orange is 33 is Simple Gematria. Interestingly, When the brUtish were in India, they made all the holy men they could (especially in North India) to switch from wearing whites to oranges (saffron) robes. All holy men/saints in the oldest tradition were always dressed in the purest whites..

In the 19th and 20th century they had their stooge, freemason sowami Vivekananda also wear saffron and so millions of his followers now wear saffron too.

And of course, Hinduism as known/practised in India has gone down the shitter. Parasitical priestly class, filthy temples, theft, multi-billion dollar donation swindles.

And they all wear Saffron (orange) robes.

The same was done with the faux buddhism that is practised in IndiaSri Lanka/Mynmar etc.

A total jesuit/masonic tale, with the dukkha (suffering) doctrine to make the fall-lowers say…hey, I have a terrible lot in life, but orangeman buddha told me suffering is my lot, so I’ll suffer in grinding patience.

How ugly a philosophy. Pure vile intent of creating a perpetually suffering class.

Just think back too : William of? Orange. The house of Orange, pivotal dutch royal family, vicious founding members of the Dutch East India company.
That is who first came to India, with their jesuit co-brothers having softened the Indian public through some gruesome, inquisition style conversions in Goa and other places…

They thrust the Orange spear into and the garb onto all that was truly sacred in India.

Which used to be a spotless, white spiritual tradition…

Hari Um!

Know Which Tree Wood Is Used In The Havan Or Yagya - हवन में इस्तेमाल करें  सिर्फ ये लकड़ियां, मिलेगा पूरा फल - Amar Ujala Hindi News Live


April 12, 2021

The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon on a Moonday….

So many holy/sacred rituals today. Two that I know of are Ramadan for all muslims and Navaratri (or the nine sacred nights of the goddesss, where on each day, a separate avaatar of her is worshipped, a specific kind of food is eaten etc.) for hindus…very big, women all over India do this very seriously.

So imagine, the energy of millions upon millions of Indian women, dressed in gorgeous clothes, starting a 9 day March in near lockstep. I can feel the power of that wave as I type.

And imagine BILLIONS of Muslims, like a wave around the world, rising and falling together in prayer, fasting and feasting in waves that roll across the flat plane.

Any aggregation of Muslim energy at this point is bound to be “loaded” because of the actions of the west over the past century especially.

So two big human waves kicking off on this powerful new moon in an already charged time.

ShowID-21 and it’s baggazine story is driving it’s own stakes through societies, families, friend circles, entire cities….

So I felt called to say this, as I had strongly felt and recorded for posterity back in 2011 (close to a decade ago).

By the end of this year, people would have made their macro life choices… around the world will leave them with little to no choice.

While the literal scenario might take a decade to arrive, pick your character from a combination of Matrix/Star Wars/Water World/LOTR and Mad max and prepare accordingly.

Or start reading Dune.

So, the fork on the road is now literally upon us. And we’ve got to be wise like the elders.

Please take 5 minutes to watch this video I made in 2011. It starts at the appropriate time-stamp…

More than anything else, because the outer world, especially the outer world at large, will do it’s doings beyond the power of most of us, even collectively, we need to turn in, cleanse, purify, align, work on the courage muscle,

If you watched the video, that was almost 10 years ago, I’m grateful to have had the chance to have my eyes opened long ago, enough time to pre-pare if you will.

If anyone wants to reach out for any particular reason, to clarify something, some co-visioining, healing, doubts, confusion…whatever, please feel free to reach out…just make sure it’s deep and meaningful to you…


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Deathing begins early…

April 7, 2021

My heart goes out to mothers and their children being born nowadays.

Already an inhumane birthing procedure, now ridiculously so with the Scandalemic protocols.

Sanitizers everywhere, no real faces to be seen, only eyes…..eyes eyes everywhere, what a horrorshow…

And then slammed by the Hep B shot….

Then brain slammed immediately by the vitamin K shot…..

then a series of multi-vaccine doses…..

wham wham wham…..

We have allowed the machine to take over the most sacred thing known to man and as a matter of fact, the very reason for our existence…

Image below is from a Singapore Hospital.

Saddening beyond belief…

They found anti-bodies in a baby for a vicarious that does not even exist…

covid-19: Singapore studies effect of Covid on mother and fetus after baby  born with antibodies, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Sexual Plasticity…

March 30, 2021

When they first introduced condoms, plastic/elastic ones, no one wanted to use them.Who would? A piece of plastic wrapped tightly around the phallus, just so you can get inside.

It was like oil wanted to be between the sexes and it is.

But the uptake was terrible, no one wanted to use them.

So they turned up the male responsibility guilt tripping play, still it did not work. Women had not yet figured out what a terrible thing those birth control pills were for them, responsible as they are for the explosion of breast cancer in the west. But hey, that’s a topic for another day.

And so enter HIV and Herr Dockor Fukky.

The first, great, global sexual health scamdal (!).

Now, if you did NOT wear a condom, you were at risk. All the arguments being used for masks now were being used for condoms then.

Heterosexual, homosexual, it mattered not. High risk, low risk, it mattered not.

And so, kicking and screaming in the face of an epidemic that did not exist, people the world over reluctantly began to embrace cock-plastic.

Just ponder what it actually means.

Also, etymologically, Condom = Con + Doom. Yes, life was doomed once the condom was there, trapping all the seamen.

And so, in the mid-late 90’s came Viagra. Now all those men who could not get erections at the thought of having to slip on a tight piece of plastic, could swallow a pill that COULD, give them 8 hour erections and destroy their equipment and or give them a heart attack, but hey, at least you could still fukk.

Do you see a pattern of induced fear followed by intrusion?

The exact thing is happening with masks and maggacinations.

Just like how the ridiculous concept that that you need to wrap a piece of tight plastic around your phallus to make love, now you need to wrap your face with a plastic mask to stay alive.

This is how they roll and it pays to recognize what’s UP!

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Evolution Devolution!

March 28, 2021

Creation or Evolution?Such a polarizing topic.

I LOVE it! 😂

Sow, which is it? If zetetic evidence says anything at all, it screams creationism.

A perfectly irrational number, Phi, or the golden ratio, seems to lie, fractally, at the base or root of creation. All life is vortex driven.

Some slow, some fast.

12 Platonic solids make up the 3D Ill-U-Sion.

All so ordered and system-atic on the inside and riotously unruly and differentiated on the out.Till you look deeper and realize it’s just a matter of scale.

Branches climb a tree in the golden ratio curve. Veins in leaves sprout exactly in this ratio, onwards in all their sub-branchings as well.

Human forehead to rest of face, finger phalanges, our idea of beauty…..all of it golden.

Going inwards in nature is Ordo Ab Chao, order out of chaos.

Stepping out into it’s farthest reaches is Chaos from order, Chao Ab Ordo.

But it’s all very ordered. Almost TOO ordered.

Basically, the machine (left brain) tugs us towards ORDER and the natural (right brain) tugs us towards CHAOS. You get my drift.

So then you look again, very carefully, at the “evidence” presented and your intelligent mind shrinks back in shock at the audacity of the lies.

And then you look at the state of the world that this core underlying belief has wrought: Survival of the Fittest, Damn the collateral damage.

Welllll, how convenient for everyone concerned. Another inbred elitist long white beard pretender gave the masses, via forced indoctrination, the idea that they lived in a world where might is right.

On this blog, which is going to celebrate it’s 11th birthday this year (how fitting), I’ve long said that we are on a clearly de-evolutionary path and everything around me points to that. At least this physical body is being made redundant.

Modern medicine and it’s incubus poison directly to veins has ensured, through some occulted mechanism, a steep drop in the “Humanity” index of humanity.
A comment on another thread somewhere triggered this post and I’ll just share what I wrote there…all the proof I need…
“it’s pretty hard to explain the Cambrian Explosion (if it even happened the way it’s been presented). The other thing is the clear evidence of giants, if nothing else, in the buildings they left behind, forget the Skeletons/Smithsonian story. If we’re shrinking (and even recent evidence would suggest that), we are devolving. Language, the hook on which this entire reality hangs, is devolving and again, along with it, we are devolving too. A look at life for the average person in any city similarly suggests that people can get used to living like animals very quickly. As a matter of fact, a very large part of the world’s population lives in sub human conditions. And last but not least, if the apex human acts as the apex predator instead of the apex saviour, I’d say for sure we’re devolving. “…

All the world’s a….

March 28, 2021

The connected, modern world is a massive ritual stage.

Big ones being played out currently, what with the shootings in the US, Severe flooding in Australia, “Plagues” of rats, snakes and spiders over-running aussie towns, the ongoing super mega ritual, now in it’s incubus phase, the ongoing madness in the middle east, a ship called EVER GIVEN owned by the EVERGREEN line blocks the SUEZ ZEUS canal, The GAMEalreadySTOPPED, NFC’s and funny money sinks in the fashion of the new currency, with a robot drawn painting(digital of course) selling for over 600,000 dollars, the first transgender beauty pageant winner, in Nevada (of course, the theater of the absurd)…..

The newsflow is from a Hollywood disaster flick, in slow motion.

But it’s being “PLAYED” out on the world stage is all.

A lot of the blood is ketchup.

A lot of the injured/dead are crisis actors.

A lot of the plot lines are so darn jaded.

A lot of money is made.

The line between fact and fiction began to actively dim when Reality TV (an OXYMORON if there ever was one) began to absorb a very significant part of the global attention feed.

It’s actually absurdly easy and difficult to tell the two apart anymore. Think of how many hours on average, your world is filtered to you via a screen…I find myself not reacting to BREAKING news anymore. I can see, clearly, the tired, scripted nature of the narrative MUCH more clearly than I can the potemkin reality.

The illusion is a layer, a smear on the real, on the real-m.The wisest can straddle both worlds with ease.

Via Don Juan: Hopefully apropos…

Think about it: what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.


In the Art of Dreaming Don Juan tells Carlos, “… most of our energy goes into upholding our importance… if we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. One, we would free our energy from trying to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur; and two we would provide ourselves with enough energy to … catch a glimpse of the actual grandeur of the universe.”


And finally, via Dune and it’s brilliant Reverend Mother Darwi Odrade…

We witness a passing phase of eternity. Important things happen but some people never notice. Accidents intervene. You are not present at episodes. You depend on reports. And people shutter their minds. What good are reports? History in a news account? Preselected at an editorial conference, digested and excreted by prejudice? Accounts you need seldom come from those who make history. Diaries, memoirs and autobiographies are subjective forms of special pleading. Archives are crammed with such suspect stuff.

Darwi Odrade

May be a close-up of text that says "AWAKEN"

The Still Perspective…

March 25, 2021

We will never find inner stillness till we real eyes that we exist in/on an inherently stationary realm.

And on this realm, the visual game is entirely one of the vanishing perspective.

Please understand, vanishing perspective creates “Depth” in two dimensions. It’s how art in two dimensions can be so startlingly three dimensional seen through the right set of eyes.

Perspective adds depth.

What we see around us is a perspective dome.

Each one of us exists in our own, unique perspective dome, always.

None of us are ever seeing the same world.

So, inherently stationary realm, bound by the law of vanishing perspective visually and by the attenuation of sound in any medium audibly….
The 5 sense reality is a very limited perspective “prison”.
The PENT, that makes you feel Pent Up….the PEN that is mightier than the s-word…

Also very interesting to note that micrograms of a psychedelic can rewire your reality for hours/days if not for ever….

How thin a veneer, eh?
A mere smear….

External Internal…

March 21, 2021

Once religion externalized our gods, we’ve been left Hollow, the emptiness “Civilization” hopes to fill…

When our gods resided firmly with-in us, we were “The Great Men of Old”, the literal/figurative giants.

Along came religion, especially once it was “Bound” into “The Books” and leached our inner godhood out into mythical/apotheosis-ed humans, stone and gold statues and the forces of nature.

Notice how much political parties around the world lean on their vile twin to invoke fear and/or obedience.

Notice how politically active all modern day “Godmen” are.

Goebbels was right about the repeated lie theory and modern society is a living, though hardly shining, example of it.

Since the word Religion traces it’s etymological, Latin roots to “Bind Again, Re-Ligare”, reversing religion would free up those Ligares.

The “Fall of Man” was the externalization of what made us great. Now we search endlessly on the outside, from pillar to church to temple to post…..

We each have our own Inner Temples, in fact they even tell us exactly where they are…


Sol Aum On anyone?

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Oh Can’t You See?

March 16, 2021


I see it, you can see it and yet brilliant medical statisticians around the world are blind to it? Every aspect of the modern medical profession are so complicit in humanity’s sickening downfall. Lab Rats in a LAB-Rat-Hoary.

May be an image of text that says "Correlation Doesn't Equal Causation... CDcSchedule 1983 1983= =10 vaccines 2013= 32 vaccines 2013 2018= 74 vaccines Autism Rates 1983=1 1983 in 10,000 2013 in 2013=1in88 88 2018=1in36 2018 in 36 ...until it does."

Imagine a world free of test labs, hospitals, needles, pressures, ultra high magnetics, sterile, superbugged death houses, pHARMa monsters with their cruel animal testing, cruel human trials, side effect loaded medications….. all of this putrid edifice that passes for our healing system, gone.

In it’s place, naturopaths, homeopaths, Ayurveds, Siddhas, Shamans, Jhakris, bon masters, Chineses Medicine sages, bone setters, Apothecaries, Aliveness…..

Cannabis as medicine, Psylocybin as medicine, MDMA as medicine…

Accupressurists, Accupuncturists, Marma point masters, Chiropractors….

We’d become the powerful creatures we are meant to be…