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Ourstory is Pulp Fiction!

August 26, 2021

Probably said this a few times before, but these are the books that, to my mind, make up the fragmented story of our true story.

Not His Story, not Her Story but Ourstory.

1) Dune, all six book.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Frank Herbert, who purportedly wrote them, was a CIA spook, insider, so he was probably given a vast trove of information, a staggering storyline and a trove of researcher/co-writers at Lang Ley.

It was heartbreaking for me when I learned of this and went looking for his other books. I had read and re-read the Dune series a few times by then. Yes, each book is a 1000 pages plus of fine print.

And the first book of his not in the series and I knew. It was like a child had written it. Then the second….aaaargh, another paste up character with an implausible hissstory….but that gave even more heft to the revelations.

Someone wanted to ensure that these stories were told. I can and will not even begin to describe the magnificence, literary and otherwise of this tale.

It taught me everything about human potential that I know and practice.

It taught me an allegorical possibility of how history and future, all co-existant, is a like a wave that can be ridden, masterfully, just as Muad Dib rode the Worm.

It taught me about bloodlines, sexuality, weapons, music, Ecology, Human Relations, Patience, timelines, …on and on and on…… if you feel called, go for it, dive in.

You WILL be infinitely enriched.

2) The Foundation Series by Asimov.

First off, another Spook Creation, well researched, proven. Why that is important to know is that someone is asking you to pay deeper attention, apply some discernment and understand what is being hinted at here…

In another stunningly plotted and written series, Asimov introduces to a Mathematician Hari Seldon. Hari Seldon is the intellectual hero of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. In his capacity as mathematics professor at Streeling University on Trantor, he developed psychohistory, allowing him to predict the future in probabilistic terms.

Streeling University (Streeling in Sanskrit means Feminine Gender)…haaaahaaa… the hinting starts right there, you see…

So you prick your ears and eyes and mind for the hints.

Psychohistory, Probabilistic futures. Remember, these books were written in the 1950’s and it talks about the possibility of predicting the future by applying certain advanced Statistical Models to ultra large datasets.


70 years ago.

Besides being a gripping read, it again paints a very “real” feeling technological picture for where we are today. Less heavy than Dune for sure and another stunning Trilogy.

Notice how all these great teaching tomes come in series? Another sign…

3) Phillip Pullman and His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass

Another series I cannot recommend enough.

This one is full of dimensional magic, very very plausible science (Fiction), a story about a RESET…. about soul, spirits, sprites, daemons, courage, sacrifice, PLANNING, LONG LONG RANGE PLANNING, Bridge Building, Bonding, inter-species connections.

How everything is just the cut of a crystal knife away. All you need is the knife and to know where to cut. Again, the allegories are deep and wonder-filling.

And a TIGHTLY woven series again, you feel SO attached to the characters….Another series that hints of human potential, hidden science, what lies in the “frozen” north, dimensional bridges….what makes us human, such an important question.

All three series so far are monumental in scope and insight, each in their own way and right.

4) And then of course the icing on the cake, Lord of the Rings.


A well known and understood telling of a true and well diaried time.

Some english archeologists discovered a trove of hobbit documents, maybe the secret library of the Thain himself.

They took them straight to the master of medieval languages at Oxford, JRR Tolkien. He translated them and his findings would be a mortal blow to known modern archeology.

So they decided to let the story out as a tale of fantasy.

A heavy fantasy Tinge to hide the truth of the realm that we live in.

That over generations, we have allowed Ent-icide in our names. Perhaps the master crime, if you get my drift.

Most of the great trees of the world were pulped to make books.

The Write/Rite of destruction via casting spells on that pulp.

Think about everything that’s been published ever. It’s mindboggling.

Anyways, back to LOTR, it has, besides it’s superbly detailed history, geography, maps, languages, histories…..tales of courage beyond belief, cometh the hour cometh the hobbit….

How, every time enough vile-ness builds up in the mass consciousness, evil is unleashed from his banishment.

How evil can never be destroyed. Even Sauron stayed on as a wraith, to return once more in follow on tellings.

But this one of course everyone is most familiar with.

If all you’ve done is the movies, I HIGHLY recommend the books. Once you believe them to to be the disclosure of “a” true history, slightly falsified, it changes everything.

ENTS, the masters of this realm, were brought low. And lower and lower. And it’s still happening.

As you read, massive saws and huge root busters bringing down all the old growth, as fast as they can….For all it’s complexity and immense cast of characters, this is the big, immediate takeaway. S

ave the trees to save humanity.

Else, DARK times ahead.

Well, again, all four of the above interestingly released in the 1960’s, almost overlapping. Disclosure.

But at so many levels and so con-fusing that it’s taken us all this while to truly begin to start connecting the dots.

No trees = No Future.

They are the memory keepers of this realm.

So, that was the old and middling aged series.

Then I got into modern fantasy (courtesy the Dark Materials) and ran into this masterpiece of technomagical storytelling.

5) Artemis_Fowl: The Fowl Adventures is a series of ten fantasy novels written by Irish author Eoin Colfer revolving around various members of the Fowl family.

Mind Boggling does not even begin to describe this series.

Over the top and brilliant character set there is the HACKING, that is why relevant to today/s milieu.

This is a mix of all the genres above actually, strictly targeted to the Milleneal/X age bracket but a fantastic read.

The tech possibilities hinted at, world’s below, Fairy police officers….super moles….it is a mind popping riot.

But the undercurrent is instructive, again. Very instructive. Worthy of your time/investment.

And since this a bit of a book list (that’s 19 books in all up there), I’d like to add my two favourite, most gifted, most re-read, most tear-welling books of all time…

6) The Alchemist : Paulo Coelho

Again, cannot say enough about the brilliant simplicity of the insights coded into this entire, encoded and brilliant read…I can never get enough of it.

Uplifts every time. In-forms every time.

7) Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach This was the book I pulled off the family bookshelf at 13, read it in one sitting and was NEVER THE SAME AGAIN.

It was precisely the message I needed and precisely the current and method of life I’ve followed.

Sometimes whether I liked it or not.

Magnificent in it’s simplicity, it’s spare art/photographs, it’s deep deep message.

Everyone should read this book at least thrice… my book.

JLS is my hero!


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Black Mathe Magick!

August 22, 2021

I felt lost in the world of Mathematics once Calculus/Imaginary NUMBers kicked in.

it was all mumbo-jumbo.

It was all forced conclusions.

It was all “shifting” constants.

It was dimensionally wrong.

It made NO SENSE.

And yet, with the great Indian Fuddukation system, I went all the way to getting a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and was given the responsibility of the weapon systems on Indian’s only Aircraft Carrier at the time.

I used to ask my teachers, hey…they tell me this is the language of the universe.

Why does it seem so ALIEN?

I have pondered, deeply, my love hate relationship with this SUB-JECT. We are SUB-JECTED to learning.

Then came “Imaginary NUMBers” and the square root of -1.


And what did they call it?



Looking back, it makes so much sense. Once this artificial “space” was introduced into the spectrum, they could do anything. Since it had no rules, you made them up as you went along.

And going to the root of the matter too, IDENTITY. How convenient.

And this “Space” was created our LEFT brains. Carved out rather.

A totally cognitive dissonance creating entity introduced….. you are then forced to learn contortions around it to make it give some pre-baked, LIMITED results….

That then begins to underpin the entire scientific narrative.

You see my friends, with the introduction of the “i”….THE SINGULARITY HAS ALREADY HAPPENED…

We are now neck deep from the effects of opening THAT pandora’s box.

Legions of scientists, engineers and others, whose entire lives are underpinned by an “i”impossibility.

And true mathematics, the sacred spiral, the golden ratio was just brushed over.

How come I got to know about Sacred Geometry at the ripe old age of 33?

You see all those magnificent buildings from the past?

That last supposedly for hundreds or thousands of years?

They were designed and built according to that resonant, spiral, golden mathematics.

Not this Schrodinger’s cat of an edifice of LIES…

There is MUCH more resonant technology available to us even within the current mechatronic dystopia of engineering and design that is fast descending on us.

I hope you can feel the intensity of how important this is. This inverted mathematics has allowed the digital engriddlement of humanity.

ALGO-Rhythms are ALGOL.


from the constellation Perseus, is known as?

“The Demon’s Head”



Perseus slayed MEDUSA.

Are the dots beginning to connect?

Neuralink is already IN US.

All because of the introduction of a TOTALLY FICTIONAL “i”DENTITY and thus the Singularity.

Please understand, the Singularity has already “Happened”…

So much more to say on this, but this is the root cause…

This kind of high weirdness spewed forth and fifth…

Euler’s “i”dentity…

Make sense of raising an unknown to an unknowable power, but tell everyone you’ve “Solved it”…

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Milk Baba’s Wisdome!

August 13, 2021

The year was 2003.

I was two years clear of alcohol.

I’d done a two year “late childhood”, 33-35.

Was living in Marin County, California, hippie land.

Beautiful place and I’d found myself an amazing tribe via a bookstore that changed my life, the Open Secret in San Rafael.

It’s there I met Granny Rainbow, who lovingly apprenticed me through to become an intuitive, a tarot reading brown belt πŸ™‚

It’s where I met the wild Venezuelan artist who “took me home”, literally and figuratively. It was all fun and games till we got to the bedroom and she showed me her 18 foot long pet, a boa constrictor. Needless to say, well anything at all really…πŸ˜‚

This is also where all the Indophile hippies came, for chai and a stunning library in-store.

It is also one of the whitest sub-divisions in America, so I stuck out, but not like a sore thumb. I was the local Kreeshna. I knew some sanskrit, many shloks, some real history…and they loved it.

I learned the Hanuman chaleesa there, in a weekly chant by a white guy, every thursday. I got on stage with Krishna Das, the new bhajan king amongst desi millenials.

And I played 4 hours a day of video games. And I had dipped my toe into the world of the green goddess, California special.

Literally at the turning 36, something flipped.

I was done with a phase. I was now in early adulthood at 36 and tried pulling the ship together. The focus to do, pursue, polish flowed unbidden. It’s been that way ever since really.

But I was scattered too. And would have wandered a lot longer if was not for a chance meeting, via the open secret and Jean, with DudhAhaari Baba.

Dudhahaari baba was one of those legendary sadhoos, who had a small but very tight following in California. They adored him and I soon got to know why.

He was super unpretentious and when you got to know him, softly told you things that would blow your mind. I spent hours and hours in deep silence or meditation with this magical man from Kathmandoo.

He was called DudhAhaari (Milk Consumer) baba because for 40 years he had only drunk milk. Even now he ate very sparingly. He also had 20 Kilos of dreadlocks on his head. He was a nath panthi, a fierce bundle of calm.

One day I was describing my frustration with music, tired of the three chord western songs, tired of greatest “Hits”….singing in english suddenly did not feel…you cannot sing what you don’t feel…. I was stuck as a musician.

He heard me out and then told me a story that I think is worth sharing and the real reason for this post.

He told me about a very famous musician from Kathmandoo, a Sarod player who was said to be divinely touched. Early and mid 20th century. The Kings of Nepal used to beg for his recitals and he would play only at the Pashupatinath temple, a very famous shrine to Shiva and Nath panthis in Nepal.

He was said to have been very selective about when he played, only on sacred days at auspicious times etc. People came from far and wide to hear him play.

He had one other great specialty.

He played only one Raag.

All his life, he had played and continued to play only one Raag. Obviously people asked him why and being the subtle genius that he was, he said, if I can understand and express the depth of even one Raag in this life time, I would have accomplished much.

Both from a musical and life perspective, this is exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. If you know one thing well, you know everything well.

And so I went back and picked a key (D) on my electronic taanpura, tuned my guitar to it like a sitaar and began my musical journey afresh.

That taanpura stayed on in my room, 24/7 for the next 7 years. I needed to get to know D really well before I could consider D#.

I’m still playing to the same pitch/key, 18 years on.

And I started a true journey to explore and heal my body, which had taken terrible abuse at my hands to that point (and others hands, but that’s a tale for the crypt).

I found one thing, one tone, one key and I tuned in and being set in that foundation, was free to explore ANYTHING!

Here he is, just so you get a feel for the man….

DudhAhaari Baba singing a Raam Bhajan… πŸ™‚

Jai Ho!

Aqua Rius!

August 12, 2021

Lineage, like roots, used to be a foundational strength, individually and societally.

People not only knew of, like now, but usually lived with at least 4-5 active generations in close proximity.

Yes, I’m sure it was no utopia, but it took care of so many things.

First and perhaps most important, since a society usually binds itself together to “grow” , ie. have healthy, strong off-spring( On-spring? Hmmmmm….), there was a reason they said it took a village to raise a child. Variety of input across ages for the child.

And usually an unspoken (or spoken) command structure that kept things agree-able.

People usually transitioned from muddle age to Elderhood.

Now it mostly olderhood. Huge difference.

So there was always wisdom on tap, and a generally acceptable societal restraint (do no harm) to keep it all under a semblance of control.

Fewer people went hungry or unsupported. The unable or unfit were looked after by the whole, rather than being a literal burden on one or two.

Slow and steady and gathered/wound seems to be the mantra for the natural real-m.

So along came the social scientists, the advance guard for today’s general technodystopia.

And by various media messages, drove the wedge into joint families.

It’s quite easy, three to five season’s of a family drama that constantly showed the head of the family in bad light, you’re halfway home.
Heck, they made the mafia sexy and desirable, this was a piece of cake.

We’ve all heard of Edward Bernays and Marshall McLuhan.

Add the Frankfurt School that infiltrated first Europe (the orgiastic Berlin scene and germany’s general decade of excess in the 1930’s was a result of their influence, societal degeneracy via media manipulation and scholastic manipulation and art manipulation was their hallmark) and then America and now the world.

Degenerate Death Metal, clearly and surely music from a very dark space in the vibrational spectrum was written into the script, because this entire energetic societal restart, whenever it happened last, has been on a downward trajectory.

We are called Descendants and not Ascendants of our forefathers for good reason.

We are on the downward, last leg of an age. The upswing of the next is built into this time too. Only it is in low concentration as of now. A subtle prescience, taking refined senses to work with it, be in it.

That is the place out of time, where we all become Mahakaal Ahaaris (Eaters of Time, not EMITters of it).

But it started with family, joint, tribe to now, nuclear and fast exploding.

The great diaspora is rootless. And we are all the great diaspora.

Most of us have moved away from our roots fall-lowing the money. Even back home in India after a long stint outside, I’m diaspora, a misfit in my “home” world.

The old models, institutions, beliefs are now obviously up for renewal.

The social contract has proven to be the fraud many of us here suspected it was from a long time. In every sphere.

You cannot do big things with the subtle aquarian energy that is available. The shift of the ages is is a slow, ponderous process.

The more of us just tune into it, the more it’s egregore becomes real…
We have been attuned to dense things, strong tastes, strong touch, olympic sex…..

It’s a journey to subtlety, a sensual refinement.

Take it , do it……and everything starts to resolve in your surroundings and in you as well…

What a time….

Are We in the Age of Aquarius? - Forever Conscious

Straight En UP!

August 7, 2021

Whatever you are doing reading this, do a little exercise with me.

Imagine now that there is a tiny cord right at the top of your head….and it is starting to pull you up…..

Slowly, as you start to straighten, you realize…whoa, never knew I that much straightening to do.

And still, slowly, relentlessly, that thread keeps pulling and you realize there is still more….

Done with intention and power, let your mind realize that suddenly, you can feel the whole of your spine.

It’s hard initially to let the thread pull you up, so go back there and let it straighten you again.

Suddenly the cavity of your tummy feels hollower than ever before…..

Breathing in powerfully pushes against the abdominal muscles via the diaphragm.

Check with the tension of the thread.

I can assure you, most reading this will not have been this straight, aligned in a long time.

Now, as you are, taut like a bow, tug at the string up and you’ll feel the curved base of your spine move.

Effortlessly straight like this, pay attention to your shoulders. They want to roll back and out. Your chest lifts.

Now you have four points of magic to pay attention to.

The top of your head, the base of your spine, and the edges, the tips of the collar bones on both shoulders.

And this is your holy cross.

This is the cross you die on to be born again.

This is the cross we all carry.

Feel it, top of the head, base of the spine. Slow, smooth breathing….shoulders rolled back and out….

Now touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, near where the top middle teeth are.

This is your inner maha mudra.

The dawn of the fifth way…..

My Martial Arts Teacher, via spirit, Taisen Deshimaru San, sitting calmly and ramrod straight Zazen…

What Is Zasen? β€” Monju-Do Zen Fellowship

Dee En, Eh? AND?

August 5, 2021

The Great DNA hoax.

Sorry to bust your bubble, or helix as the case may be, but the whole thing of spiraling DNA, ACTG, folding and unzipping in the great soup that is our body…is a total fable. a story. A tale. a fabric-ation, a head fake. a fake..

Elementary Watson and Crickey, do some good stuff and dream up the “GOD Code”. Just like that. If you read the story of how this great even transpired, you have to laugh…

First, the proof. This is how flimsy conjectural self-referentiality works….

X-ray diffraction of DNA crystals results in a cross shape on the X-ray film, which is typical of a molecule with a helix shape.

Like all modern science is. It’s all relative…axioms are so yesterday….

Then came RNA and nucleotides and pep tides and am I No acids and the story got really rich. A thickly textured, brilliantly depicted tapestry of lies.

A few conjectures, all self-referentially axiomatic.

A “Theory”, and then along come computers (Just in time) to model said conjectures, draw some fancy patterns on paper and everyone bowed to Deux Ex Machina!

The truth is that this whole construct of DNA which of course is AND which is of course a KEY GATE in all computing and AND-ROID…… is born of computers.

As computers came of age, the model got…clearer? No the myth just got clearly depicted.

And then along comes the Ventner and the Hooman Aww Gee Gnome project, a public money boondoggle if there ever was one.

Of course, computing power and crunch-ability was zooming along the famous doubling every two years curve.

And the depictions got fancier and now the machine could design machines that did or rather followed certain VERY STRICT protocols, to do with gels and what not…to get results that varied within a rather narrow bound.

So began the fairy tale of gene sequencing and CRISPER NOW, Gene splicing/ editing.

The machine mind wants so desperately to think it has figured the spark of life. The ability to re-produce, not from fully matured parts, but from seed.
So, it AND it’s ‘minions in academia AND pharmacopia continue to enrich this tale, now firmly embedded in the publics psyche…


But there was now ever richer material for the fable.

Haplogroup groups exploded.

A little lick-spittle and they could tell you where your rwandan ancestor called home, maybe even the tribe, because, you know, haplogroup….

And it is being touted as the basis of the “Nooooooo” medicine.

Hey miss, your fetus has a genetic anomaly portending potential cancer risks by the time they are 24. Keep it or …let it go?

Hey lady, better get your bre assets cut off. You have a 1 in 13 chance of developing pre-menopausal b cance her and y’know, they accuse allopathy of never getting to the root of the problem.

So here we are. Allopathy style. Lop ’em off. Root gone, problem gone……. it’s hilarious if weren’t so cruel.

Don’t be believing anything from the mouths of these snakes.

If you see anything being embellished by No Bull Prizes, you should be VASTLY more suspicious of all actors and agendas involved.

And Dee En Eh has them by the armful.

Please pull all your belief energy from the scientism fable and put it towards introspection.

MAN is the measure of the universe. All the mysteries are within.
Scientism stories are mind-traps…

DNA is not science, it’s just business πŸ˜‰

What Is DNA?


August 3, 2021

Had a very interesting real-eye-zation and thought I’d share it and it’s journey, in case it calls/resonates with some of you, which I guess it might…
For the last three years, I started actively noticing that the past really had no hold on me anymore.
I had it’s essence, distilled though some really HARD practice, an inner alchemy almost. But that was about it.
There was a time when I could call up minute details of happy things/times, cars, motorcycles, sexual encounters, sporting highs…and relive those associated emotions in excruciating detail… more.
Not that it has blurred, it just does not incite emotion anymore.
And I started seeing that I had a similar view of the future. Being somewhat of an out of synch thinker, I kept trying, for many years, much to my detriment, to pull a future forward that was not ready to come.
I burnt a lot of core energy, being a sort of Don Quixote…. no more…
Result, is being much more present, always. Fully engaged. Little to no projection, expectation/judgement.
Most of the time of course πŸ™‚ Jaipur traffic will draw the curse out of the mouth of a mauna rishi, what to speak of an ordinary mortal πŸ˜‚
Balance. Nowhere, NOW-HERE.
More and more, I’ve been going nowhere, fast πŸ™‚
Being that this IS a fractal world, dropping mental drops physical dross. And the other way around as well.
The mind is an elusive thing.
But the body is very much in our control.
How does one tame the emotions? We have adrenal burnout on all the wrong triggers, and cannot tell anymore when our actual lives are in danger through daily consuming poison in one form or another, fried, spiced, sliced and diced, of food.
Our movies and roller coasters and degraded audio environment has made the panic/adrenal switch wear out. Wolf!
But we can begin to work on it immediately. Like right now. e all know what the no’s are. And we know the yes’s too.
Why all the above. To really be at center, ON the locus of your focus, in the here and now you have to be upright, clear, resonant….and the chioces of what we put into our ears/eyes/mouth, rub on our skin, share sexual energy with (biggie)…..directly imapct that required clarity, balance etc.
As I learned, or was rather made to learn, the only way up the mountain is the way up the mountain. The journey of a thousand steps. Chop wood, carry water. Die to the world. Die to yourself.
No magic pill, no potion, no shaktipaath….
I am all I really know, if I know anyone/thing at all.

Craftsmanship Stock Photos & Royalty Free Craftsmanship Images

Bloo Vorigin?

July 22, 2021

Someone asked, why Blue Origin?

Blue is the throat chakra, our “spatial” limiter, our blue atmostfear.

Origin is the red, base, root chakra. Throat to base thrusting rocketry, opposite Kundalini force, negative. Aka Kundabuffer.

The Dickhead sitting in a Dickhead, blasting off with it’s ass on fire, into the Blue Origin, soon after a Virgin (a Galactic one at that) had “Spread Her Wings/Legs” in “Space”, just daze earlier.

That space is between our collective ears. Our space of attention being consumed by this farce.

You think Penile and Pineal are sorta homonomish for a reason?

You think there a reason there is such a concerted media effort to make men (and women) think Penile instead of Pineal?

Cock-A Doodle. Cock-A-Whoop, BAD minton Cocks, cock your hole (Indianish for cork your hole), Dick…

All those Obelisks the world over are the Penis of the Bull, thrusting upwards and it’s adherents ardent worshippers of Taurus, Mars-Arms, War..That is why Land, or “Real” Estate is King. it is the domain of the Bull. The Baa’el.

Notice that in the animal kingdom, suddenly the bull isn’t getting any. 99% of global cattle birth is via artificial insemination.

And the Bull is both Rotting and Rutting. I can see it where I live. These proud Brahma bulls, immense power exuding from them, walking around, unloved because all the cows are in human hands.

The male-female divide has been pushed to the max, right about now, just as the collective male rut energy leads to the ability to spark violence. A male in real rut is oblivious to pain, either suffered or caused.

Same goes for high testosterone women, of which the number is probably at a global all time high.

No coincidence either that women are finally in the fighting killing arms of many nation’s armed forces.

When the creator becomes the destroyer, you can bet something big, a change, upheaval etc. is nigh πŸ™‚

This is how far and deep, in my view, the general interconnect and the warp and the woof woof of the world goes.

All the great civilizations died in the fires of an explosion of hummo sexualit y.
Hummo sexu ails make the fiercest warriors, all generals know this.

And this is how empire crumbles. This time around too, they have the global masculine by the cock. Narcissing in gyms, self adoration replacing self love. BIG difference.

So yes, it’s about as in yer face as it is ever going to get. The bloo origin flight was a joke even in what was shown. Hilarious. It was so staged that it was frightening that any sane human thought it was real.

Pays to pay peripheral attention to all things.

Deep dives are reserved for the self.

Look at this magnificence πŸ™‚

May be an image of animal and grass

Hey Guyz, you’ve been bluepiled!

July 19, 2021

So, here is a little insight that should make men really really pay attention to what is being normalized for them.

June 1998 was a sad month for Masculinity. It was the month that the FDA approved p fizer’s viagra for public sale. Safe for use.

And who was it’s first spokesperson?

Senator Bob Dole. Good old, insider, do nothing Senator Veteran one armed spokesperson for an erectile dysfunction drug?

The key was disabled and veteran/ Why? Because anyone with a thinking mind knows instinctively that war torn humans have huge PTSD issues (born on the 4th of July etc.) with concominent sexual dysfunction.

Hey boyz, no need to deal with your massive underlying trauma based issues, just pop a pill and screw like a donkey.

What else happened? An entire older generation of men, settling into a simpler, asexual existence, were suddenly, at the risk of a priapism induced heart attack, back into the fecking market.

Gramps getting naughty again….bam…huge hit on a reservoir of innocence, the elderly.

Porn + Viagra and uncle was in heaven … again.

I hope you can see, like I can, the earthquake like effect this would have on social dynamics?

What else happened since 1998? WAR after WAR after WAR.

And what do wars produce? Destroyed males. Unable to perform, so traumatized. Booming sales in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iraq, Palestine….my my, what a surprise eh?

And so added to the trauma of war, this new social upheaval. Any surprise that prostitution is a booming business in all war torn areas? You see how it goes?

All by the introduction of a little blue pill.

You see the symbolism there? Hundreds of millions of men have been taking the blue pill since 1998.

The blue pill locks you below the throat Chakra…

Below that, One of the two can “Function” at full potency at any given time.


The very personification of duality in a male.

The SPINE, a skeletal element, bones, with a central cavity and two spiraling nerve bundles or snakes and their crossover points, the Chakr system.

The PENIS a fleshy element, capable of transforming into a BONEr, has a central cavity and spiraling musculature.

The blue pill takes you to the PENIS. Guess where it steals blood supply from?

So Viagra broke the global male spine…

And thus the abject inability of the global masculine to rise in the face of what is going on….

We are alchemical refractories. Finely balanced chemical soups. trillionths of ppm and decimal places of ph change can shift entire realities.

This is how subtle wars are fought.

DON’T take the blue pill πŸ˜‰ OR the Red Pill.

Or any pill at all because Pill is mostly ill 🀣

And it pays to remember too that in dealing with such a subtly and finely balanced system it take subtle and fine moves, changes, exercises to really effect change.

So that one day you can explode like a kalari fighter, at will, no chemical help needed, thank you very much…

Behind Kalaripayattu lies a searing tale of blood and fire

See Locks!

July 4, 2021

The ENTIRE digital world works on Clocks. C-Locks.


You see the time, you Watch your Watch and you are Locked.

Into external time.

Which does not even exist. Think a 100,000 people in a stadium, each heart beating at it’s own pace, everyone breathing to their own need/rhythm.

But a C-Lock locks EVERYONE into the same rhythm. When there were no watches, you looked up at the sky and thought…ahhh…mid-day-ish, early-evening-ish…

Now, everyone in the same Time (Containment) Zone looks down at their hand/phone and says…It’s 12:46 PM on Sunday the 4th of Jewlie!

What a great way to “Synch” people, hmmmmm?

0630, alarms all over India (we are a single time zone nation), millions upon millions upon millions…go off together. Can you say forced synchronization?

Millions and millions of Indian enthroned at 0645, straining together. Literally, funny as that sounds…

We are all marching like souldiers in an army, just cannot see it in real time.
And the Conductor (so CHARGED, Conductors are) is TIME.

Tick Tock. Instead of Lub Dub.

And the most frenetic urge has been to re-discover how to divide time, more and more.

Hurts, Mega Hurts, Giga Hurts, now even Terra Hurts.

Of course it does.

The machine is not slowing down, it’s speeding UP. The modern internet and computer are ONLY possible on the backs of ultra-precise C-Locks.

Imagine now, at this very instant, all the 2.3 Giga Hurts computers spinning together all over the world.

You see how much cohesion via TIME awareness it takes to run the Matrix?

The MA-Tricks is basically Time Externalized.

And there’s your prime battle.

Slow down. Breathe slower, deeper…toss the Watch and C-lock.

Listen to the Lub Dub.

As Simon and Garfunkel famously sang:

Slow down, you move too fast,

You’ve got to make the morning last…

Curvy-Linear Time…Oooooh my!

Non-Linear Time in Classical Mythology | by Alex Skelton | Ostraka | Medium


June 19, 2021

Imagine having endless silences with your world.

Imagine the power of never spurting, blurting, often hurting…

Imagine then the power in the words of some one who spoke only 12 words a year…

How carefully would they choose their words and how powerfully would they issue forth. Especially if the stored power in all that silence came from a calm, centered place.

Thatastu!So mote it BE!

Imagine the sages who it is said could create physical stuff with their words alone (masters of nada yog, the yog of sound).

Imagine that they said one Thatastu every 10 years.

And for the rest were in blissful silence, at ease with their world.

It’s not an impossible feat to achieve if one thinks about it objectively. 10 years of silence. S

o Much POtential energy….the long vipassana.

And then, Thatastu!

Listen and Silent are anagrams for good reason.

We have been taught to over-excite ourselves as the baseline of our existence. Frazzled senses, especially since the full frontal(lobe) assault of Tell A Lie Vision.

And given that we are so clearly at a turning point in humanity’s known history, unprecedented really…

That we should choose times of absolute silence…

Extended periods if possible, If we cannot quiet the chatter long enough, how will our inner guiding whisper get a hearing?T

he fork in the road, long foretold, is upon US!

In-tuition is a muscle. Look at the word, inner teaching.

I learned a brilliant method of quietening the mind via Osho, will record a video about it soon.

Meanwhile, shhhhhhhhhh…. πŸ˜‰

May be an image of child and text

The Edge of Exist-Tense!

June 18, 2021

The journey in-wards (in-words) is THE journey every “Arrived” soul, what we call bodhisattvas, have spoken of, shared about, made millions of parables and idioms to explain…..

And yet, in what is very much a sign of the times, we have externalized everything. Our most intimate thoughts are externalized right here as an example.

Hindus deify external gods, so much. All day, every day, bowing and scraping in front of externalized gods. And then saying Aham Brahasmi (I am Brahma).Tat tvam asi (Thout art that)…. what greater “hint” do we need to see where they are pointing to for the source of all divinity?

Even the bible, with all it’s coded parables, is basically an astrotheological telling of the Awakening process, where our essence (Veera, Ojas, Shukra (Venus)) is alchemically sublimated up the seven Refinements. The book of revelation is the telling of the process of full Kundalini Awakening.

As without so with-in…. even that tells us that all we are worshipping on the outside is to be equally worshipped within.

Point being that everything points to an inward journey bringing the sweet attainment that this life was given to us for. As is clear all around us, life is NOT a lazy float down-river, but a Salmon-esque, gravity/density defying swim upstream.

Those hungry bears are the things that send you tumbling down the hill.

I’m sure you see the analogy.

The thing that I realized, just today, is that in some ways, this journey in is like going to the tight (winding in) journey on a coiled spring.

As you go deeper, it gets denser and tighter. Imagine, if you can, the amount of density held at the core of this coiled spring of life, that it sustains for our lifespan.

When the gordian knot that holds that center opens, the coil, un-coils and we get, so to speak, de-spirited.

Imagine then, what it will take, in terms of whatever force it is that is used to go in….to go, PUSH into that denser and denser space….

And that Gordian Knot is a place in our body, obviously connected to our umbilical cord…still there, holding it (our Spirited life) together.

That core was set when the FLASH of conception occurred.

Given the immense force held in that knot/space, it’s no walk in the part to get there. All the extreme physical arts try to bring the entirety of self into a single point.

There is no la dee dah, I’ll just saunter into enlightenment path. Regardless of your awesome karmic past, it’s in the reaching that final Density/Destiny part that you ‘broke” …. and you’re back, another try at building that much life force going inwards.

Can you imagine how self-empowering such a process is?

We can see the results of this externalized in narcissism and body building etc. and internalized, giving the person an Aura/Charisma and an ease of being…

This was “revealed” to me very clearly 17 years ago and has been my personal practice. It’s the hardest Un-work I do. It’s a singular goal, I want to touch, with all my senses simultaneously, that Gordian knot.

There is a “Practice” for this…Very enlightening…

The inward (Word) path my frenz. Yes, I know, I used a LOT of buzz speak there, but some of it so apt.

Why word?

Why has the hardest and yet seemingly un-solvable quest been the search for the lost WORD?

Because that name is un-utterable, that concept is un-describable and the riddle is meant to be un-solvable.

Till it isn’t.

And the path to the answer is the coiling spring with-in.

This, is edge of existence…

Figure-8 Klein bottle animation | Klein bottle, Geometric 3d, Geometric

Sense It ivity!

June 14, 2021

An animal in his natural habitat, is almost always on.

Even sleeping, half an ear is cocked, trained to hear specific sounds that might suggest a threat.

Ever noticed a deer when they are at ease and eating grass, in a herd. Their tails move constantly. Back and forth, back and forth.

I heard, on KPFA, decades ago, a brilliant young biologist/botanist/researcher, who had studied PTSD in humans and animals, describe that the shaking of the tail was for the constant release of nervous energy that the deer had to build up in waves…always alert to TAKE OFF! 10-15 feet in the first bound….but for all the times it does not get used, it “shakes” it off through it’s ever twitching tail.

Humans, he averred, had lost all such mechanisms to balance out their hormones.

Our adrenaline control valve is completely out of whack.


Simple, the harder we built our shells (Houses/Cars/Clothes, Boots etc.), the softer we became. Like a tortoise, it’s obvious and makes most sense to have a soft, pliable interior in a hard shell.

And in the process, with our interaction with ever smoother surfaces, gone is the tactile hapticness of touch.

Here is an interesting mental exercise, and please take a few seconds to close your eyes and do it.

Imagine, for as many seconds as you can legitimately hold the vision, that your sense of smell suddenly became a superpower, like a dog’s. Of you could see like a cat or an eagle.

Now think of the time you’ve seen a cat “Pussyfoot” over a path full of loud crunchy, dry leaves and make not a sound. Imagine the feel in those paws. Now imagine you felt the world with that much spectrum/intensity/finesse.

Any one of those would change our ENTIRE existence.

That is how much technology has de-sensitized us and given us petroleum based, “Haptic” pretenders in return for feel, machine designed perfumes for smell, noise cancellation headphones for the grind….I or you could go on.

Hyper-sensitivity or extra-sensory perception can only come AFTER our sensory perception is operating at designed optimum…

Aside from trying to build physical strength, we should work too on refining our senses. Like everything else, refinement is a practice, usually of heating and cooling, and beating….in cycles πŸ™‚

It takes doing.

The great instrumentalists have hyper sensory touch, so they can tease their instrument, while others merely play.

Imagine where this would take love making. Every contact feeling like the first contact, because your environment or your practice demand that you stay hyper sensory.

And the first step in refinement is to stop pouring new toxins in to the mix. What we hear, smell, Eat, Look at, ponder, Drink…..

But we all know that.

Imagine, too, that you had perfect control on your adrenaline control valve, so no situation would ever overwhelm you. All animals have it.

Fully into what they are doing, fully aware, pushing boundaries of pain and tolerance…

We would lose a lot of our fear if we had control of our ACV.

We are fearful because we hardly ever react with the correct hormone proportions flowing through our blood.

It’s all off. We have totally changed our threat perception index by building sturdy shells around ourselves.

Okkkay, I’m drifting, but you get my drift, so I’ll just


May be an image of skydiving and sky

Hobbit, hobbit!

June 11, 2021

The great lie of history has been un-earthed again and again….but the system will never change as long as a majority of the populace gets the required indoctrination in the school system.

ALL of academia, even in the most famous institutions are either dimwits or sold out.

For those who get it, what is written below, by a rogue historian, is mind-boggling. I’ve known this to be true for over a decade now…


It has been the assumption by many of those in the world of letters that Professor Tolkien’s discovery of The Red Book of Westmarch (and other writings) in the early 20th century was not so much an exhumation as a fabrication.

That is, like James Macpherson and the famous controversy of Ossian two hundred years earlier, Mr. Tolkien was considered not an historian but a fiction writer.

But unlike Ossian, the existence of Mr. Tolkien’s sources was never even questioned: they were dismissed by all but the most credulous (or faithful) readers out of hand. The documents were believed to be a literary device; almost no one took them seriously. This saved Professor Tolkien the trouble of proving his assertions, but it has led to serious misunderstanding.

It is surprising that no one found it at all strange that a professor of philology with no previous fiction writing credentials, at a premier university, should be the one to ‘imagine’ an entire history, complete with vast chronologies and languages and pre-languages and etymologies and full-blown mythologies.

No one thought to ask the question that was begged by all this: if a previously unknown cache of historical documents of a literary nature were to surface anywhere on earth, where would that be? At the top of the list would certainly be the archaeology departments of Oxford or Cambridge.

Who else is still digging in the British Isles? Who else cares about such arcane (and provincial, not to say insular) matters? And who would these archaeologists consult when faced with unknown languages in unknown characters in untranslatable books?

They would go first to their own philologists in their own universities, to experts on old northern languages.

This is exactly what Mr. Tolkien was. Coincidence? I think not. And when those discoveries were found to be of the nature they wereβ€”positing the existence of hobbits and elves and dwarves and dragonsβ€”is it any wonder the archaeologists washed their hands of the whole mess, never wishing to jeopardize their careers by making any statement about the authenticity, or even the existence, of their great find?

One would expect them to make a gift of it all to the eccentric philologist who believed in it, though it was not in the least believable. To let him hang himself out to dry in any way he saw fit. Who could have foreseen, after all, that he would publish it to ever greater wealth and fame, and never have to explain a thing? The strange turns that history takes, not even the historians can predict.

The truth is that The Red Book (or a copy of it) did, and probably still does, exist. Nor is it the only surviving document, or trove of documents, from that part of our history. Other sources have recently been unearthed, in related but separate locations, that confirm this.

It is true that the ruins of Westmarch were long thought to be the only existing repository of hobbitlore and the history of the elves. And it is also true that the present-day location of what was then Westmarch is still under a cloud.

Only Professor Tolkien, and perhaps one or two from the archaeology department at Oxford, ever knew its exact locus. But, as I said, other fortuitous digs have yielded new evidence that Westmarch was a real place, and that The Red Book was an historical fact.

It is known to all of the wise (in hobbitlore) that Westmarch was only one of many population centers in the Northwest of Middle Earth. Bree, Buckland, Hobbiton/Bywater, Tuckborough, and several others in fact predated the settlement at Westmarch, and were not eclipsed by it until later in the Fourth Age.

What is not as well known, because it was not included in The Red Book or accompanying artifacts, is that other settlements to the north and south of the Shire also gained pre-eminence later, and were therefore the natural repositories for important documentation.

The wealth of material since discovered in these other sites not only rounds out our understanding of the Third Age, it often fills in gaps in the first two ages. And, most importantly, it supplies us with completely new information about the Fourth Age.

Lord of the Rings' Gandalf gives Hobbit fans academic advice

Absolutely Relative…

June 11, 2021

Gender/Sexual/Identity crises happening right now is no coincidence.

As a time of “Absolutes” comes up, they have people drowning in the “Relative” goop.

Living in the “relative” is easy. One can always scoot into a convenient corner. Like a chameleon, one is free to change colours, beliefs, patterns, sexes…..anything at all…. to be safe or un-attacked.

But then the old adage kicks in first…If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything and everything.

And so, as the un-veiling happens, it happens at every level. Everything is going to be exposed, INCLUDING US!

How could it be any other way? Apo-Calypso is for all and everything.

The great wheel enters new territory, the old rules don’t work here. Old skin is not needed here. Saturn, upcoming is the snapback to order. But not order in the sense of stuckness and immovability.

Order in the sense of the grand order, on which this sentient universe we experience has been built.

All the “relative” shite that began with Jewsuit science, Ein-Shit-Stein and relativity (your just a speck on a speck on a speck, so you do not matter) right down to hey, gender is relative, culture is relative , you are relatively meaningless in the grand scheme…. the great jewsuit lie of history, language, science, engineering….It’s all coming crashing down.

Absolute anyways means Ab-Solute, the perfect Solvent.

We may or may not live to see it (though I suspect we will) but we are in the “one” or the larger re-set, the re-set that wipes out this corrosive layer of relative nothing-ness …

And we have a Tabula Rasa, to once again sing our songs.

In the grand debate of objective vs. subjective, the great stone monuments stand in mute testimony to what “wins” in the end.

May be an image of temple

Behind the Big Blue…

June 8, 2021

Even notice that our physical limits are Blue?

Blue Sky and deep Blue Sea.

We can make but shallow dives and soars into either minus our machines.


And of course it goes deeper.

The throat Chakr, known as the Vishuddhi Chakr, is Blue. Vishuddhi means Ultra Purification.

So whatever passes through a functioning Vishuddhi Chakra is the sublimation of speech into the electro-etheric stuff of thoughts, further sublimated into a single tone and then into silence. But it is the silence of the unstruck sound, the Anahata, the heart Chakr.

Of course it has to be a paradox, if it was explainable in this tongue, it would be here.

Anyways, back to the point, Ultra Purified matter will only pass through a fully functioning Vishuddhi Chakr.

And then see our collective voice…..the loudest ones, the lying media, the lying corporate honchos, the lying bankers, the lying newsmen and women and things….

Think of how many lies are told in todays world. The entire commercial complex is a complex of lies.

Stuck at Blue.

So the only way to open your Vishuddhi Chakr is to start living in Sat (The IS, Now, Here ness), which is most of Satya (Truth)….

And you can take it from me, or not, but that truth needs speaking by a pure tongue, from a pure heart, from a pure Hara (Solar Plexus)….the 7 step inner alchemical distillation of life force (Ojas or the essence of semen in men and controlled ovulation by women) into Essential Silence.

Cannot be hunched, slouched, doubtful, unsure, hesitant, scheming….none of that.

It is Don Juan’s TOTALITY. Nothing less.

Beyond The Blue lies Indigo, the deep blackness ringed by light like the annulus of a total Solar Eclipse. Ajna Chakr…

And then the Violent Violet, because that final release is not easy. It’s not flowers and hosannas…it’s the wielding of the sword that Miyamoto Musashi spoke about….Instantaneous, spontaneous, complete….

That’s totality Squared, like 110%

Courage is the muscle that wields that sword….

What is the courage muscle and how do you work it?

Sit on that one for a bit πŸ˜‰

The heaven’s show us the way, so often…

Ajna Chakr!

Total Solar Eclipse (2017) - YouTube


May 28, 2021

When the time to strike comes, it will upswell from within…one smooth, powerful wave of action tipped e-motion/motion.

There is no mind, no time, no urge, no hate, no guilt, no hesitation, no weakness, no fear, no doubt…

Anything, ANYTHING less is a total and abject waste of life-force/energy….

And yes, I say this after 40+ years of tilting at windmills πŸ˜‰ Me and my hoss, De Nile…

Call me battle suppled…

Super-cool Kendo Techniques and Moves That are Hugely Underrated - Sports  Aspire

Resistance is Futile!

May 27, 2021

Resistance IS Futile….

Most useless part of any circuit from an energy perspective, it just burns up power and releases it in the form of heat.

And that heat has to be absorbed away from the system so as to not overheat things.

Electronics, no surprise here, is totally analogous to biology, our life etc. in a very fractal and one-to one manner.

So in any system, which has a perfect electrical analouge (some group of people are the creators (battery), some people are the modifiers (transistors), some or all are consumers (resistors) etc., some are the transports (Interestingly called Buses), and then there are the mechanical systems, also similarly analogous)).

Everywhere, you want to have the LEAST RESISTANCE POSSIBLE.

The frictionless system.

So, in a perfect analouge to “Protests” and such forms of resistance, we individually and collectively lose power and very little, if anything is gained, especially in the long terms.

The loving sixties did nothing to quell America’s appetite for war in the coming decades, it perhaps helped end a brutally unjust Vietnam war by a little bit, if any.

Resistance is futile.

The finest martial artist I have ever known in person, was an older Chinese student in my MBA course in the US. He was perhaps 63, looked like he was made from porcelain, was a Tai Chi master and you COULD NOT lay a finger on him if he did not want you to.

Tai Chi is the super-conductive, zero resistance martial art…all rotational, oval flow patterns…. his hands were everywhere at once, always forcefully but gently guiding my boxing/jabbing hands away. And I was trying….my hardest.

So this is the reason why we’ve always been told Resistance is futile, but not why….

Just disconnect from the system to the extent possible….. and guide the unwanted firmly away….

But like any other skill, it takes practice πŸ˜‰

Just remember, RESISTANCE is FUTILE!!!

May be an image of 1 person and outdoors

Meridian Prime…

May 25, 2021

Why TF do we blindly accept the PRIME MERIDIAN as we’ve been sold it, in Europe? Are people even aware of the wars fought over it?

The great Anglo/French battles were primarily over who “Owns” the prime Meridian.

Used to be in Paris, magical, occult city. Forcibly moved to the UK.
Earlier, France was looting/raping/Pillaging the world.

Suddenly the UK became the land where the sun never sets (yes yes, I know, empire wise, but the truth is WHO OWNED THE PRIME MERIDIAN) and took said rape/pillage to the next level.

This is more time-lord battling.

GMT and the world’s C-Locks revolve around IT.

Please note the KEY year of 1666 when all this malarkey was happening.
Geodesics, ley lines, time…. C?

Below is how you roll out a mega occult ceremony to try and take over the world without firing a shot.

The astronomers of the French Academy of Sciences, founded in 1666, managed to clarify the position of El Hierro relative to the meridian of Paris, which gradually supplanted the Ferro meridian.

In 1666, Louis XIV of France had authorized the building of the Paris Observatory.

On Midsummer’s Day 1667, members of the Academy of Sciences traced the future building’s outline on a plot outside town near the Port Royal abbey, with Paris meridian exactly bisecting the site north-south.

French cartographers would use it as their prime meridian for more than 200 years.

Old maps from continental Europe often have a common grid with Paris degrees at the top and Ferro degrees offset by 20 at the bottom.

The Meridian Room in Paris…

Fire in the Sushumna!

May 23, 2021


So, all around me, I find people who have had their “Kundalini Awakenings”.

Breathless exchanges of tinglings here and buZZings there…. if only the process was so simple… yet far more powerful men/women of yore did deep practices, went into the jungles/mountains, spent years and years in Sandhya/Kriya….

And yet, we’ve been made to believe that somehow, in this most polluted of times, in every sense of the word, there is somehow a special dispensation for us and that we can, with simple imaginings, some breath-work, maybe a whole lotta DMT/Aya, can somehow bound up the ladder of ascension.

I have been through the cycles of awakening and the inevitable fall because it was never built on a strong foundation.

Then I got the message from Devi herself, that this is all futile without having a pure vessel.

And when Devi means pure (Shuddh) she means PURE.

Root level, elemental purification is called Bhut Shuddhi.

A simple analogy….if your flute is full of mud, what tunes will you play on it?

From the perspective I’ve been given, if you are not working on purifying yourself as step one, you will rise only to fall again and again. And you will hurt yourself more and more in the process, getting further and further out of alignment and the possibility of a true awakening.

Luckily, the required purification is quite obvious, but really a long process. A life time of gunk will take many years to cleanse. And no, a real guru cannot give you this now easily handed out “Shaktipath” and jump start your process. If someone tells you they can, they are lying to you.

It takes doing and more doing, release and more release, fasting, kriyas. all of it.
Else, you are selling yourself short and will definitely be lost in this forest again and again.

Get real.

They say the most difficult task for any human is a true, honest self-assessment.

You think you have a stronger game going than, say, Osho? Look at his life and how miserably he died. And he was an awakened master…

All your tinglings and vibrations are the self fooling the self.

Bhut shuddhi is step one.

Fire or Ice? πŸ˜‰

What are flame retardants? | FLAMERETARDANTS-ONLINE

Knock Knock…It’s all lies!

May 21, 2021

So this has come knocking into my space and asked to be said.

And it resonates, so here it is. A stream of consciousness……pardon the ramble πŸ˜‰

All the great stories we have been sold(told) about great wars being fought over a single woman, are all blatant lies or just pure fiction.

The hand that is puppeteering this current show has had it out for the real feminine for a long time. So scared are they of the original G, the big G, the ProGenerater, the Creatrix, the X that marks THE G Spot.

What better way to demean it than to attach it’s mysterious Beauty Power with oversold tales of giant passion, ensuing death and destruction, just for these two people to be able to have legal sex?

Wait, there is more. There is also a narrative being pushed to show our ancestors to be somehow more uncivilized, feral, slave to their passions…ransacking entire kingdoms, killing thousands…all over beauty and sex? And thus make our thin veneer technological civilization seem somehow more civilized. I mean, how much more civilized can it get that western allopathic medicine get’s to practice white-coat murder (iatrogenic deaths) in plain sight….

Heck, I was lucky enough to get a good sentient decade and a half with my great grand parents…. they, and their entire extended generations were just different, you know? They exuded a different understanding of the world, a depth, a maturity, a waaaaaaaaay slower pace…..most obviously waaaay above their root chakras in every way…. Pious….clean, smelt so good πŸ™‚

And this is just in my life time. Just imagine their grand parents. Those were some serious-life people. Not easy to be pushed around, at all. Aflame with the confidence of their knowledge of the holy books. Really something to behold that confidence.

And two generations before that were the men who knew all four books verbatim, literally and figuratively…

And you are telling me that with these kind of known ancestors in just the last 100 years, that a millenia or more ago, people went to fight for a king, possibly die, or perhaps rape, pillage and loot….just so he could get a woman?

Helen of Troy? A great parable, yes, but a reality? No way.

Those were the people that were busy building the great monuments that we stand in awe of today.

Those monuments got built in TIMES OF MUCH GREATER RESONANCE.

That is why our modern monuments are ghastly stabs of steel and glass, just engineered to go higher, a dying grasp of the cabal of babel for the hand of god.

Modern UnArchitecture is speaks to the lack of resonance in todays world.

So, to close the loop, because I could go on….

In our very near and known history, people lived lives that were deeper, rooted, devout, sensible, natural, unfearing….etc.

These were not people who would go fight a war over a woman for their king. All of these great stories have been made to jezbel-ize feminine energy in the minds of men. And it’s clearly worked.

I say we kick all this to the kerb, search for the essence of what has survived and vibrate it up again.

Oh, and given the amount of ritual and the constant rites and acts of purification, it’s very safe to say that these people did not live in their root chakras, at all. I saw it. Any my grandfather lived to be 96. Maternal Great grandfather lived to be 97….

I am, unabashedly, the great Anti-Roman-Tic…

The Anti-Date to a Dote!


This was a 150 years ago. Even the way you dressed allowed a certain pace to your life…which is why the machine has everyone in tights.

Oh, and while we are at it, when adn why did men give up wearing headgear, SO MUCH a part of every older culture and fashion. World over….

Brahmin Family from the 1850’s…I don’t think you messed with them…Β πŸ™‚

May be an image of 6 people, child and people standing
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