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Beam me up, beam me down, Beam me mad, Scotty!

May 15, 2017


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His-Story, re-told… Fascinating….

May 3, 2017

From the interwebz….. I wish the original author (FARANG ) would get in touch…. whuff…

Sometimes, a tale feels just so… yes…. like THIS, not the vapid version taught, is what was….


Since YHWH/Yuya was a prolific seeker of gold…I suppose I can contribute to this comment section properly….he used Akhmin as a pirate’s base…the Minya district of Upper Egypt…a Greek colony, where they hid from repercussions of their pirating activities. Bordering on Nubia, well up the Nile. Yuya/YHWH was a MINYAN SAILOR. Greek Yoni. “Ionian.”

Interesting illustration leading this article: is everyone aware that the SHIELD depicted is the real symbol (hieroglyph) of “Ra/Re” the so-called Egyptian “sun god?” The circle with a dot/circle in middle? Trust me: Egyptologists DECEIVE YOU.

RagHu is an ancestor of YHWH/Yuya. Ra(g), the Hurrian conquerer. “The Fast One.” (a Chariot-driver, in a “Hurry”).
You see…that circle with a dot hieroglyph really symbolizes a famous Indo-Aryan king, a Hurrian/Assyrian/Mittani/Luwian (Levite)/Yoni-Ionian Greek king named RagHu.

The ancient Indo-Aryans called Greeks a Rg Vedic Tribe of Indo-Aryans named Yoni and Yadu…Jonah and Yudah. Yoni to Shiva’s Linga.

They had a Brahma priest that accompanied the king….an “Abram.” The king himself was the Agni Fire priest. He would use “fire sticks” to foretell fortunes…in Hurrian/Luwian/Levite, “Sawas” translated as Fire. So their symbol, the Sawas Stika was the symbol of the king. Look at twirling Polynesian fire sticks…the trail of fire…that image will explain itself. Hindus use that symbol to this day.

RagHu (the “g” is silent) conquered the ancient M.E., including Egypt, and is in fact one of the pharaohs, a fore-father of the 18th dynasty. One of his descendants  is Tusratta/Dashartha, known in Egypt as “Yuya.” That is YHW/YHWH.

RagHu’s Egyptian symbol is a crocodile: Sobek. He was Ra, the Hurrian. This is where “Jews” derive the Ben (son of) Hur story.

Understand: Mittani Luwian/Levites called themselves KHaburs, silent “k.” As in the pottery archaeologists label “Habur” from that region. Hebrews. “Levites” are, according to the complied myth called the Torah/O.T., a Tribe of Hebrews. That is correct. They are the Indo-Aryan tribes of Greeks. That is why they use Greek numbers to this day.

Also known as Akkadians, N.W. Akkadian is “Hebrew.” “Levite” is Luwian, a dialect of the land now called Turkey and Kurdistan…ancient Assyria. Named after the “asii” traders along the Silk Road that used asses as pack animals. These were called, in the East: “YueZhi.” 26 Tribes of Eurasians, red-haired “TochAryans” Tocharians. The “mysterious 3000 BC mummies” found in the Gobi Desert. Google “YueZhi” see the maps of the 26 tribes yourself. Read their history. You will quickly grasp who they are.

Yuya’s initials, found on a temple that his son-in-law, Amenhotep III built in his honor, was YHW. The Chariot-driving king/”Master of the Horse” that the author of this article calls “God.” If one wishes to worship a human as a god, that is perfectly understandable: they called themselves “gods” and made the peasants/serfs worship them thusly.

Yuya/Tushratta/”Dashartha” (ten avatars of VishNu) is aka the “asaf Ja” (“vizier”)…”Joseph.” He is the historical YHWH/Yahweh. One can view his mummy, along with his wife, “Thuya” at Wikipedia. Note that someone pounded a stake through one of his eyes. Note that “Thuya” has her hair pulled back in a bun.
Note that makes them POPeye and Olive Oil.

Note that Thyia (“Thuya”) is the word for  “Water Goddess” in ancient Luwian/Levite/Ionian Greek. It is a TITLE, NOT her real name: Kiya is her name. Actually KaiKeya. Wife of YHWH/Yuya/Dasharatha/Tushratta.

Egyptologists profess “bafflement” at who “Kiya” may have been…they are liars…or dumb as rocks. Mother of Akhenaton. That is why Akhenaton built her a house at Armana, she made YHWH/Yuya/Dasharatha PROMISE her offspring would become kings instead of his other line….by another queen. “Akhenaton”IkNatha//Nebuchadrezzer is the SON of do you understand why “The Lord used “Nebuchadrezzer” to punish the “Hebrews?”
The 18th dynasty were Kheperus….”KHaburs”…Hebrews.”

Note that “Homer” and Vyasa, the author of the Mahabharata, both were “born of a water nymph” ….a  “Thyia. That is Thuya, wife of YHWH/YUYA/Dashartha. It is what LINKS Yuya as Ddashartha/Tushratta…as well as the fact the “SaTYAvati”/Tiye is also the daughter of a water nymph: Kiya. SaTYAvati is Tiye…wife of Amehotep III.

Tushratta/Yuya/Ywhw calls Amenhotep III  “Nimmuriya” in letter to Tiye. Amenhotep III built Tiya a LAKE, historical fact. She IS THE HISTORICAL “LADY OF THE LAKE”: Nimue. Queen of Nimmuriya.

They sailed that lake on gold-leaf covered boat. You can see that boat at Buddhist temples…as well as image of Buddha holding a very special sword. UNDERSTAND??

Vyasa is “King Asa” of the “Hebrews” but is best known historically as pharaoh HoremHeb. He is the oldest son of Tiye, queen of Amenhotep III, his BFF. King of Tyre, HoremHeb was called “Milki-Lu” by his mother Tiye, and called himself “ValMiki” in the Mahabharata. Masons call “Horem-heb” as “Hiram-Abif.”

The West calls him Prince VALiant. It was Yuya/Tushratta that gave Amenhotep III a “celestial weapon” that was LITERALLY PULLED FROM A STONE: a Nantan STEEL Meteorite. Found on Tut’s chest, go look at the REAL EXCALIBER. Tushratta killed his father, the king called Arta…Arta-Tama. King Arthur.

The WassuKanni KHaburs smelted nantan meteorites into weapons they called “Natas”…”black metal.” It came from a FALLEN STAR…Natas….get it???? Real historical weapons…that myth has altered into a bizarre tale of “Lucifer.” Go search “Nantan Meteorites”: THAT is “Lucifer.” Steel Weapons used to conquer. You can BUY Nantan meteorites online to this day…92% iron, 6% Nickel. Steel meteorites, from the solar system belt of debris between Mars and Jupiter. FACT: there is NO DEVIL. Hence, there is NO GOD.

I think “King Arthur” King Arata-Tama was Amenhotep II. “Prince Charming.”  Mummy tall and muscular. I cannot thoroughly confirm my suspicion on that subject..yet. But it “fits” the timeline and evidence so far…
The original “Cinderella” story involved Amenhotep II and an “old Greek sailor/slaver” that brought “rosy cheeks” to Egypt. That “old Greek sailor” is YHWH. Yuya. He lead slave raiding trips along the coast of the Red Sea. Along the Silk Road. The Mediterranean Isles…Rhodopolis is Cinderella.

Yuya was “vizier” for King Solomon.

Amenhotep III is the REAL King Solomon, called Shalmanu when sitting on his Urusalim throne. Aka NebMaatRe. Buddhists call him MaitReYa. The Buddha. An AVATAR of VishNu.

He is known as Tristan to the fans of Arthurian myth….DristaYamun in the Mahabharata…

The 19th dynasty that followed? That was the OTHER BRANCH of Yuya/YHWH’s two families….the Rama kings. Fact.

Yuya is King Yayati…Yudishtera/Odysseus. Yudisthera MEETS “Odysseus” in HELL…read your “Homer” to know I am telling you the real….Yudisthera is BLIND. That is a metaphor, the tale of “Odysseus” having his “eyes covered to hear the sirens songs”….these were GREEKS. Sailors. You already know the name of their ship….Ja’Son….ring a bell?

Sailors. Do you know that many (Wikipedia for instance) allege that “Homer” was BLIND? That is a mixed up tale of Yuya/Yayati/YHWH being blinded…Horemheb/Homer is his stepson.

Yayati/YHW/Yuya had over 300 wives….he was called “The Great Debaucherer.” Those statues of a Greek with spikes in his eyes, found buried last year in Guanxi China? Those are bronze naval RAMS attached to the ships of Rama II…his grandson. Depicting Yama/Yuya as the god of Death and the Ocean. “Yiw/Yim” in Akkadian/”Hebrew” according to Hebrew scholars is the SAME NAME…YHWH is YAMA. They admit that fact.

Lastly…remember the king RagHu we led off with?  You will find Buddhist temples showing Buddha being protected by fierce CROCODILES…that is Sobek…RagHu. Now go search the royal titulary of ancient Egyptian kings…try between the 12th and 17th dynasties….see if you can find a “Sobek” pharaoh with “raghu” hidden in one of his names… is there…trust me. The FIRST “Buddha.”

ALL of the HINDU “gods” are actually ancient kings of Egypt…as are all the “Hebrew” and Christian deities. Yes, “Jews” (YueZhi tribes)  had much more than ONE god….and “Moses” knew that…the OsarSeph of the O.T.=asaf User, Prince User. Son of Seti I. You call him Ramses II…LORD RAMA to Hindus.  Ramses II was a Leper. So was Yuya/YHWH. Proof is their mummies.

What else you want to KNOW? That the king of the Hindu gods, “Indra” is actually pharaoh “Djer?” He IS.
That “Arjuna” is actually pharaoh Ra Huni, with a Shiva Linga in his cartouche? He IS.
Hanuman, the Monkey King of the Hindus?
KHentamen Tui…king of Abydos and a MORTAL ENEMY of Yuya, IkNatha/Akhenaton, Seti and Rama.

He BEHEADED Seti in battle. That is why “Jews” falsely state they “eat monkey ears” during “Purim” (Purannic Indo-Aryan mythology) for killing “Prince Haman.” The opposite actually occurred….

You know who Khentamen Tui became? Garuda, the Vahana of VishNu. One can see KhentamenTui’s image on a Resurrection scene at the Seti I temple at Abydos…wearing the BIRD MASK of the MOTHER GODDESS, the MOON: Iah. Someone tried to hack off the mask image…and failed. Hiding the REAL history.

Garuda=Buddha=Vahana of VishNu. Son of Iah….not “Yahweh….

The ORIGINAL Iah/YAH. Before the myth was stolen and altered by later Patriarchal mythology.

IAH, the Mother Goddess, The MOON. You can see Her Bird-faced image carved in stone, standing behind “Her son”, a 12th dynasty pharaoh….now go find Her. Try Wikipedia: “Iah” for starters….She is the Wife of Shiva, mortal enemy of Yama/YHWH.

You see…the 18th dynasty was not founded by “Ahmose I”….it is actually IahMose….Born of the MOON.” The MOTHER Iah/Yah. Egyptologists DECEIVE YOU. Go look up “Ahmose I”…go ahead…don’t be afraid of the Truth.

The 12th-17th dynasties actually ran mostly CONCURRENTLY….while the 18th and 19th were two family branches of YHWH. Their battle for dynastic power is DOCUMENTED HISTORY: the Mahabharata.

“The battle of the Ten Evil Kings”…..look at the “Narmer Pallette” see all ten of them BEHEADED and lined up in death…the Tolkien “Nazgar.” Narmer is Naram-Simha, the half-man/half-lion avatar of VishNu. THAT is who the Sphinx depicted..before they removed the head and placed an entirely NEW HEAD on the Sphinx. A child can see the FIT LINE where they cut off the old head at the shoulders and placed a NEW HEAD on that statue….which is why the body looks so weather-worn, while the head looks almost NEW.

Tolkien hid real history as “The Hobbit” and the “Trilogy.” Who do you think “Eribor” was?
The Khaburs…”Hebrews” of the mountains..WassuKanni…Vasu’s Blacksmiths. The mountains of northern Kurdistan, southern Turkey. You knew that Akhenaton is Nebuchadrezzer, the DWARF, yes? Even the ancient Hebrews called him “The Dwarf.” I know, you think those odd images of “Akhenaton” show a tall, effeminate male….but that is not IkNatha…that is Aye, brother of Yuya/YHWH…Ayati. Yayati and Ayati, Indian monarchs of the Puru dynasty, 1400 BC. IkNatha is Ish-Bosheth/Bhishma…depicted in Hindu art as a DWARF….ANOTHER avatar of VishNu. Aye is the one looking almost female…go look at a statue (Wikipedia has good one) of Aye….

“NephHurriya/NebHurriya”, the name Yuya/Tushratta called Akhenaton in letter to his daughter Tiye. Neb is the “God of the Stone tablets” and he was  Hurrian.

Also, The Aten…many-arms….that is SuryATANjore…the ancient Vedic Sun God with many arms. Now you know.

You did know the 18th dynasty was mothered by Indo-Aryan princesses from “northern India” that is now called Nepal/Tibet, yes????

Amenhotep III was BUDDHA. His mother was from “northern India,” the SAKA TRIBE. Hidden backwards as Kass-ites. As is Amenhotep-backwards……Putah Nama….Ptah…with images of him SLEEPING….Amenhotep III built a huge TEMPLE to “Ptah”: Shakamuni Ptah….Thutmose III. Get it? Shaka/Saka?” Look at mummy of Thutmose III…ever see a modern Buddhist monk use his hands to gesture a BLESSING???? Thutmose III is giving it in DEATH. NO DOUBTS.

You’ve just learned more than 4 years in a University lying and deceiving you would teach about ancient history…for FREE. Thank The Moon for your good fortune….but know this:

We just barely “scratched the surface” of all that is hidden from you…used to Control and Deceive you.

BTW: YHWH had reddish-yellow hair, and the skull of a Neandertal. Shocked? So does Smenkare, his other son by Thuya, as does his grandson Rama II/Lord Rama.

But not all the ancient kings of Egypt had Neandertal skulls….older ones than Yuya/YHW had MODERN human skulls.

Think about that, and if you doubt it, go look at mummy remains to prove me wrong…you can’t. Go look at “Akhenaton: or “Smenkare” at Wikipedia, that looks like a monkey skull it is so archaic.|

Neandertals did NOT “die out” 35,000 years ago…DECEPTION ALERT. These ARE the “Kheperus.” Hebrews.
Where were the last full-blooded Neanderthal remains supposedly located??? Mt Carmel, ISRAEL.

Via commentor on various sites who goes by the name FARANG….
FARANG, if you are reading this, please get in touch…
my mind is mush….

The fast unfolding Indian Tragedy…..

April 25, 2017


This via a post on FB, written by a gentleman named Vistasp Hodiwala….

Well put and bravely said…. nothing to add really….

India has entered its darkest hour post Independence. I have no qualms in admitting that the task of coping with this new, violent, bigoted, intellectually dishonest and largely indifferent India that has become an apologist for unconstitutional and indefensible acts and experiments that has knocked the stuffing out of everyone who has believed for so long in the virtues of a morally just and modern nation-state, the way our founding fathers envisaged it to be…is going to be nothing short of gargantuan.

Surely, everything wasn’t right, rosy or reasonable even before 2014, but yet, there was an abiding semblance of faith in the self-healing properties of our constitution, there was the sense that despite everything, we the people, can summon up enough stamina to challenge what’s not working and fix or throw out those who are ill-suited to wield the reins of power; that if all of us just speak up against systemic injustices at the right time and challenge the official narrative from time to time, there is a fair chance that the rulers can be shamed into embarrassment or at least discredited.

While that might still happen, the fact that millions and millions of people have bought into the hardcore anti-Muslim bigotry of this party is what makes this task a lot more onerous for regular citizens like us.

Unlike Congress, they cannot and will not be booted out by mere administrative failures. They have to fail and fail colossally on multiple fronts, and along side that, the vast majority of Hindus have to have an epiphany of sorts, a mass self-realisation as to why religious fundamentalism is not an answer to the country’s ills. Until that happens, I am afraid the BJP will be near-impossible to dislodge.

Because when gau rakshaks kill or hurt innocents, we will be reminded of the metros they are building. When Bajrang Dal makes life hell for Muslims we will be reminded of Swachch Bharat. And on and on it will continue…

They do this because they know they have the mandate, not just to govern but also to further the unsaid agenda that people voted them in for.

India has entered its darkest hour post Independence. And it remains to be seen where the ray of light that is going to set things right will emerge from. For most of us, without a doubt, have been displaying the mental agility of a befuddled moron in the face of a raging fire that threatens to engulf and consume us all.

Indyaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……..! No. 1!

April 8, 2017

No words needed…

Infographic: Don't Take That Selfie Too Close to the Edge | Statista

Memeologist 2

April 7, 2017
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April 7, 2017




and steep drops in reading attention spans.

When I started blogging 9 years ago, people still read.

I still read.

But it seems

that memes

are the order of the day.

I will henceforth be your memeologist…

in-joy… 😉

Funny Meme

the i of your i’s…

January 30, 2017

The Eye is the i, the candle and the flame. And the sagittal suture is the key…. via Wiki, please note the names…. the LAMBDOID SUTURE is the bow.

Think they are trying to tell us something there?

The sagittal suture is a dense, fibrous connective tissue joint between the two parietal bones of the skull. The term is derived from the Latin word sagitta, meaning arrow. The derivation of this term may be demonstrated by observing how the sagittal suture is notched posteriorly, like an arrow, by the lambdoid suture…….

i suggest that most of us awaker people have open sagittal sutures and thus our i of i’s can see, though somewhat hazily…..Sagittarius, shooting our arrow into the great VIOlet VOId….

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