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Did Ol’ Ma Shipton have it right?

January 12, 2019


How art thee? I ask this, not ever rhetorically…. truly, how art thee?

As a man who thinks he is astride the beast that is a-straddle the fine, twisting, ever-changing line that lies betwixt the simulacra and that which we call reality… I have to say that even for the jaded mind, the mind that has delved and dived and swum in the deepest recesses and rabbit holes of the mind….. the current news flow is beyond strange.

The war, it would seem, is on. Or someone surely wants us to believe so.

Even the war wording…. everywhere… you know the drill, war on drugs, war on terror, war on poverty.

We are perhaps the losingest human collective in his-story, eh? Because all those wars are losing wars.

And now, in the last 4-5 decades (perhaps longer), the ultimate battle, the battle that will define the great war, is the war On/Of the Sexes. I’ve alluded to that a lot in posts past.

That was always the root. If anyone or a group of people got to the root of it all and spread their mind-virus there, game over. A tree that rots at the root can never recover.

Well, my friends, in the simulation, the battle was long lost. Because the simulation is essentially a narrative, with tools to DRAW you in. So he who wrote the rules on which the simulation/narrative runs, controls it’s later flowering.

Perhaps the deepest flow in our lives so full of flow (FLOWers, see?), is that of our sexual identity AND practice.

Doubt that to your own detriment.

Half a MILLENIUM or so ago, an old woman, in fits of ecstasy, saw things, from the mouth of god to her ears and then on-wards to us.

Make of her words what thou wilt!

As all ways… 😉

From Mother Shipton’s Prophesies ~ 1542 AD:

They’ll be a sign for all to see, be sure that it will certain be.

Then love shall die and marriage cease, and nations wane as babes decrease.

And wives shall fondle cats and dogs, and men live much the same as hogs.

Krishn and Radha

Krishn and Radha

And so the blind man helps the samurai see. Beautiful .…..

December 8, 2018

In this age, where Honor is a cheap brand of phone, perhaps this stunning bit of cinematic story-telling might clear that mote in thine eye with a tear…

Fractality, thy name is old Japanese movie classics.


As one among many fine commentators says below:

“the man blindly following orders and the blind man following his moral compass , AND it ends with resolution. This is some fine storytelling”

In joy!

Money, Mooney….

October 29, 2018


Once I understood the importance of money in our lives, how central it is to the modern “system” and how it does make this Whirled go Around,…. I dug deep. Deeper. Deepest.

You have to go the root of it all to get to the heart of the matter.

Money is ancient energy, like all other expressed forms we see in the world. All expressed forms are egregores, collective belief spoken, dreamt and propagandized into 3D reality. That in fact is the whole of our construct.

This collective reality we are living is truly just that, a collectively believed in reality. A collectivist construct.

Perhaps we are genetically commies, eh? I jest. Di jest.

Imagine being able to visualize the truth of varied collective realities, each unfolding as we arise to the world, all smoothly blending into each others, the greatest common collective taking on the hardest mantles.

That is life, as I see it, create it, visualize it.

Sadly, I find very little overlap with the global collectivist mind-set now-a-daze.

So was the above a drift from the theme, money? Hardly, an excellent segway into it actually.

Some time, a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, a group of people of people figured out three things:

  1. Most humans tend to laziness and convenience and those that don’t can be trained to be thusly
  2. Money was Talismanic and correctly designed, held man’s mind with overwhelming force
  3. The easiest way to make money in this construct was to make money make money. The moneylender’s, in some form, I suspect is the oldest profession.

Take the above mind-set, access to ancient secrets of energetic manipulation via symbol, architecture, spoken word, a few, x thousand years and voila…. you have today.

ABsolute fiat currency, where it is declared on the note itself that this is merely a debt canceller, doing the rounds as current-sea to grease the wheels of commerce.

The scam, long having run it’s course, is now swinging through shorter and shorter fiat cycles, the explosion in Crypto being an excellent case in point.

Unsustainable systems can run a long time on artificial stimulus,but it means fooling more of the people, more of the time, ultimately an impossibility.

Feels like a top, eh?

Screeching head-lines, tightening credit-lines, shortening hem-lines, heck dis-appearing hemlines, shortening time-lines….

As someone who feel more like an observer into the matrix, rather than a participant in it, I can see how it is constructed, brilliant, long term, laser focus : control through symbol, words of a tightly controlled and ever falling tongue and round the clock propaganda….

The map is being made the reality, because reality is perception.

The world, wars, beauty, love, nature, instgtram, VR, AR, gaming, gaming, gaming…… perception is reality and our purseption is now formed through screens.

This is a time

of the rise and fall

of breath

and empires…

This is a time

for the give and take

of life

and legacies….

This is a time

for the warp and weft

of grace

and theft…

This is a time

for the good and bad

of us

and them…

This is time

for pause and reflection

course correction


What the heck, you might ask, brought on all this introspection?

This chart… picture…thousand words and all that sort of thing…

consume wisely…

Central Banking Malaise

If you’d like a book about the history of money which will rightly and leftly blow your mind, e-mail me, aadivaahan at g mail dot com, tell me a little about yourself, what brought you here, what floats your boat and I’ll send you the book in return…

i Say…..

August 19, 2018

Sometimes, straight to the heart of the matter, like a flaming arrow, or a gentle whisper, filled with urgency and longing, booming, gently, like waves, the plip-plop of water on the lake of consciousness, tongues of flame burning un-forget-able nuances on the paper-stuff of the un-know-able that is our mind, glazing the clay-tablet of memory into a living thing, un-erase-able, funny that, living glazed clay, cuni-form triangles of arrow-headed simplicity, the heart of the mater, the heart of the matter, normalcy in shreds, the comfort-able fabric of our lives, with it’s warp and woof, or some say weft, cleft, right and left, asunder, woof woof, sun, dog, god, orion, something to cry on, eye-cleansing, tears, rips the mote of blindness from my i, my u, your us, common rail, diverging at infinity, parallel lives, inter-secting, bi-sect-ual pri-mate, man, woman, being, static, like an electric top, sometimes a bottom, spinning, shock-ing, un-lock-ing, deep recesses…..


4 fingers better than 3 …

July 3, 2018


Been a while since this…

In joy…

Goa, Hang Time, Words, Tumbling, Tongue STumbling….

May 26, 2018

Sow, So, Sow (Reap)….thus Leap……well now? Well? How deep? Well well well… Feeling well?

Reap:Leap, pRay:pLay, cRown:cLown, Vile:Live:lIve:Evil, Levi….. you know the drill…

Why of course, the drill is left:right, left:right…..LR, LR, LR….

Feeling Sin-kronus?

Ready for a fresh under-taking? Perhaps a brand new end-ever?

So Today is To Day even, oddly though, it is one day….

in the ear of the fox….

Awn and on anon……

It’s enough, this realization, to make the most practised tongue skid….

Here we go…

For-Give and For-Get?


Okay, In-Div-I-DUAL…

Enemy… Any Me?

Are you my Any Me?

Are we on the same pitch? And Tar?

Such a niggardly tongue, that one word and more specifically one sound had to mean (how mean) so many things, mostly the opposite of the word’s supposed conveyance.

He was so tightly bound that he bound-ed away….

He was, off coarse, re-leased…. re-leased to whom you may well and should ask!

If re-lease is re lease, then what is free dumb?

How FAR can we take this?

How about precisely this far…

Ancient Scroll


Sow what you might sp-utter, it’s just fancy lines…

Really? Just look at, sans comprehension. This is objectivity. Not intended for specific comprehension only.

Not impressed….

Ancient Scroll 2

A real tell there, even if it is, pardon the pun, Greek to you….

Mirror mirrim on the wall…

Look, ask yourself, perhaps these ancestors, who produced such masterworks of expressing reality in symbol, did not no a thing or two about how to de-sign a tongue?

And set a broken wheel in semi-perpetual motion, fanned along by the fire of Media…

Since Shakespeare, the Bible, the books…. it’s how it has always been….

The town-crier is now a billion accounts on social-MEDIA….

A heard….see? A social media heard….

Eye heard…..

more brilliance…. objective beyond doubt…. the power of symbol, the origin of Aliph-bet…

Ancient Scroll 3

This is refinement….

So, how do we tackle this gordian NOT of language and as I understand it, most language.

The scattering of tongues never stopped.

But pretty soon, lot’s of people will be left grunting at each other while emoting through their embedded smart phone.

Here is a Vivek-ism for you. An axiom if you will…

You can only know your tongue in silence.

Then, the practise of discernment…

Then the courage to take action…

Then the detachment to be silent….


Language is a slippery slope…

Mind your tongue, they say…eh?



is what you make of IT…





Lay Burr Day….

May 1, 2018


It’s been a while.

And what a while it’s been, eh?

The newsflow is the noose flow. Choking the channels of our mind with garbage.

When did garbage choked pipes de-liver purity? Rectal is for refuse, mostly choked in our modern world.

Where then free flow of thought?

Tell me, or riddle me rather…

Would you not rather BE DE-PRESSED? I mean, fork in the road, human looks right, looks left one says : Road to RE-PRESSION and the other reads : Road to DE-PRESSION, which would you pick?

Would you rather have the press re-applied or de (Removed)?

I am DE-PRESSED and so, if I may, should you be.

Why, what a strange point to BE_LABOUR!

On LABOUR day.

For a woman who has borne children, labour is usually the high point of self-inflected bodily pain and often mental anguish (response to humongous hormonal changes on DE-LIVERY), LABOUR is not a happy thought.

LABOUR is painful. PERIOD (pardon the ab-solutely un-in-tended Pun)….

And yet it is the most widely celebrated holiday on earth.

What in-sane creature would celebrate pain? Except a deeply con-ditioned one.

I say creature, but perhaps individual would be better, yes?

The individual, the sove-reign.



See that? In Div I Dual.

The APE-X world for our singularity has not one, but two divisions.

Getting my Drift?

So then, what complex of conditioning and culturation has created a WORLD celebrating having their collective nose to the daily grind stone…..

How about that eh?

Do note the DEEP BLUE and jog your Geo graphy. Se a pattern? Emerging?

Lookit, that deep blue. Who refuses to have the sweat of their brow trivialized in a celebration of pain?

It’s all topsy turvy I tell ya,


I feel a snapping at my heel

But I refuse to be rushed….

So many fingers

rushing to meet quiver-ing lips saying

Hush, hush

Those are MY lumpy carpets…

Mone, mine, precious…

The words my friends

are twisted and with them


Truth is bitter

and democales sword is 30 words

on Twitter

Short everything I say….

Skirts, Stocks, Bonds, why stop at

anything at all?

It’s a free fall

Upwards and that’s a fact

Tess a Ract

Image result

credit: Wikimedia

So, See?

In and out and in and out and in and out and innnnn…

Takes on a HOLE nu dimension, eh?

There you go. The tesseracted creatures that we are, this is our reality.



You might say to yourself as reality snaps in and out and in and out….


See? That is all it is.

A breath can create, but you’ve got to be breathing right AND left…

Ida and pingala…. hot and cold, tesseracted…large and small, tesseracted…. constantly still and always moving, this is the puzzle…..

Pay (?) at-tension?


I say relax and back your pedals…

Ask Ma Ma Quez, he’ll tell you, balance is the key….

Image result for marc marquez

Ciao for now you crazy beasts….

I’ve had many strange sign-ups happening lately.

Strange days, pon us all?

The wolf is on the prowl…