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Al Khemi…

October 23, 2021

Our current eco-vironment, at every level, is designed to stunt us. Even when it gives us the feeling of setting us free, it stunts us.

So many subtle sub-texts to one more gem from Manly Palmer Hall…. The great White(Haired) Brotherhood and the great Grey(Haired) Sisterhood kept us in consonance with nature.

In this darkest, densest part of the age of iron, where everything was bound to “Hang Heavy”, false light (Elect-Ric) has us scattered (not Con-fused)….. true light is magnetic, biological, it does not burn, it glows.

The constant and bright outer light, now mostly LED’s, have stolen our attention from the inner light and the light/s up above. Night-time skies in cities are muddied and bright….

Anyways, any journey worth it’s while and energy, tends to have a singularative ending, either by fusion or a great scattering.

And Manly says, eloquently I might add, at the end of his little pearl, at the end of the road…..the journeyer shall…”as a silent watcher will learn from that Divine One, who is the Great Alchemist of all the universe, the greatest alchemy of all, the creation of life, the maintenance of form, and the building of worlds.”

In his words…<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>

“The alchemist of today is not hidden in caves and cellars, studying alone, but as he goes on with his work, it is seen that walls are built around him, and while he is in the world, like the master of old, he is not of it. As he goes further in his work, the light of other people’s advice and outside help grows weaker and weaker, until finally he stands alone in darkness, and then comes the time that he must use his own lamp, and the various experiments which he has carried on must be his guide. He must take the Elixir of Life which he has developed and with it fill the lamp of his spiritual consciousness, and holding that above his head, walk into the Great Unknown, where if he has been a good and faithful servant, he will learn of the alchemy of Divinity. Where now test tubes and bottles are his implements, then worlds and globes he will study, and as a silent watcher will learn from that Divine One, who is the Great Alchemist of all the universe, the greatest alchemy of all, the creation of life, the maintenance of form, and the building of worlds.”—The Initiates of the Flame by Manly Palmer Hall

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October 15, 2021

The journey of life…
Begins at the EN-TRANCE….
And if well lived, stops at the…


Life, they are telling us, is a trance.

As All ways, whoa whoa whoa moments then come tumbling…

trance (n.)
late 14c., “state of extreme dread or suspense,” also “a half-conscious or insensible condition, state of insensibility to mundane things,” from Old French transe “fear of coming evil,” originally “coma, passage from life to death” (12c.), from transir “be numb with fear,” originally “die, pass on,” from Latin transire “cross over, go over, pass over, hasten over, pass away,” from trans “across, beyond” (see trans-) + ire “to go” (from PIE root *ei- “to go”). French trance in its modern sense has been reborrowed from English. As a music genre, from c. 1993.

Ooooohhhhh….. Orginally “Passage from LIFE to DEATH”….

And the rest of what the etymology implies.

Of course, TRANCE music, that has ensnared generations since, 1993 as that etymology tells us, is the death-cult, machine mind’s music.

The TRANCE must END for life to really begin….

The OPPO-SIGHT of TRANCE-END is Surrender.

SLIP back beneath the waves, to rise again into the trance..

TRANCE-END-DANCE is an active state, Surrender is a passive state.

To gno how to Transcend is to gno HOW to DIE.

I’m sure many reading this can extend the tale.

If the Entrance is sullied, all passing through it is sullied.

Think of what is being done to the YONI as I type and you read.

It was never an ENTRANCE, it was a PORTAL…

Words matter. Names matter.

Purity (SHUDDHI) matters.

Else we are EN-TRANCED from birth to Surrender.

Time to Trance-end eh?

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October 11, 2021

In these Buy-Nary (empty) MAChines, everything is STILL LOGGED.

LOG in

LOG out

Data LOG

LOG-Arrythamic Functions drive modern mathematics….


is the Operating System

This system is a poor copy of the real. A pretender.

But it, like all Word/WorLd builders, nose that “FIRST THERE WAS THE WORD”

and the ineffable NAME created it all.

So they have to keep telling us.

The SHIP’s LOG to go to the STARS.


LOGic to LAWgic is the fall….

The search for the LAWst word is the journey on the Royal Road…

On it’s PEAK, you cannot S-PEAK….



The trees were slaughtered into LOGS for this very reason…

So a PArched, PArchment faux reality could be created.

And every de-tail LOGGED…

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October 11, 2021

In this inverted world, false AU-THOR-ity comes from Paper.

PAPal BULLshite is written what used to be called PARCH-MENT.

Look at these words!


MENT is Mind.


PULPED ENTS (trees) turned to PAPER.

And the inverted reality, which is full of CONTRACTS (not EXPANDS) which we RITE on PAPER and then SIGN/SINE SIN into existence.

And these contracts, some we sine consciously and many we give Con-Sent to unknowingly, continuously CONTRACT us.

From IOU’s to Fiat paper money, forests were pulped into empty promises of value.

And on these Parched Papers we sit and DRAW everything in our lives.

DRAW funny munny for a bank ACCOUNT? An Account is but a story, a fairytale…

The two sides of life in this dualistic, 2D existence (that is the original CONTRACT, magnificent multi-dimensional creatures, we are, trapped in a 2D matrix.


One is REAL and the other is REEL….

Pinch yourself to see which is which is Hu is hu!

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Bon App a tEAT!

October 10, 2021
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Now here is a mystery.



e= 5 Throat Chakra
a = 1 Root Chakra
T = The De-Capitated Hueman
To EAT is to DIEt
Faster if you Cain-Able-ize your CELLf by EATing ME-EAT…
BUTT…WEIGHT…. there’s more….

consumption (n.)late 14c., “wasting of the body by disease; wasting disease, progressive emaciation” (replacing Old English yfeladl “the evil disease”), from Old French consumpcion, from Latin consumptionem (nominative consumptio) “a using up, wasting,” noun of state from past-participle stem of consumere “to use up, eat, waste,”

Ohhhhhhhhhh Mahhhhhhhhhhh……

The HABITuATE it Consumption function.

To Consume is to USE UP, EAT and WASTE…a DIS-EASE…

BUTT….WEIGHT…there’s all ways more….



brEAThe….. deeply……

So, given all this, what is this life really all Ab OUT?

What, in fact, IS life? and dEATh?

If we were light as fEAThers, could we fly?

Please do not take this Mess-Age LIGHTLY, yah?

C, with out hEAT you cannot EAT mEAT….

Do I need to bEAT the mess age in?

nEAT eh?

Take a sEAT…. suck the tEAT…

whEAT? Mmmmhhhhhhh….

I mean, holy shEAT, right?

A Fast, meanwhile, speeds you right up. Right? FASTer….

Ponder worthy…

Bon Appetit! 🧙

Spirituality and Food - A Path From Omnivore to Breatharian — Energy Is  Everything

FREE? Hahaaaardly….

September 28, 2021

FREE is one of the biggest lies foisted upon us, linguistically and in life.


Mirror is:F(L)EE

The key word is FEE.

In the meatrix and in NATURE, you all waze PAY to PLAY.

See? You PAY to P(L)AY, or else you better P(R)AY.

There is no such thing as free in this REALm or REALity.

The only way an inherently dualistic system can be kept in any kind of balance is if it’s basis is in




Since this is a far more LAYERED REALity than our currently attenuated senses allow us to perceive, this X-CHANGE happens at many levels, seen and other-WIZE…

As much as we interact with anything too deeply, we age…with no blueprint existing that allows a guided growth into the super beings we all are seeded to be, we are lost.

And leaking.

Speaking of the collective here obviously and I can say from my own life experience, got to find those leaks and heal/plug them.

Only then can your “SElf/CELLF” expand into a convex life. Self Full FIlled. Full of YOUR SELF.

And that is just the way it should be…

There is no FREE.

No such thing as FREEDOM in any external context.

When you are “free” on the inside, you’re home.


And “free” inside is not just a concept.

Here is an absolute:

The key to the gate of ascension is the voluntary (and relaxed) cessation of breath. For all humans. All paths lead there…

Fear at that point is obviously the lock.

THAT is Mount Ever Rest!

Be-Cause re-member, on Mount Ever Rest, you cannot breathe…

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Sonic Destruction…

September 25, 2021

You feel safe when you are impregnable.

So they have everyone near naked in a terribly body/mind hostile environment.

So Vulnerable!

Thin t-shirts, thin soled, heled, unbalancing shoes, no arms except the ones in your sockets, a toxic food supply chain…..cities are not places humans thrive, they survive…….badly.

Is it any wonder people are so jumpy, defensive and hostile in Mega Cities.

The Noo Yorks, LA’s, San Francisco’s….London, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin…..filthy underbelly under a shiney, over lit facade.

True Potemkin Villages, these megacities.

Something I noticed a long time ago and started paying attention to was the almost constant “sonic assaults'” in a big city. Loud horn, ambulances racing, police cars chasing…. and in all the above mentioned cities, literal brawls if you stay out long enough and go to the wrong places.

Also note, megacities are BATHED IN ALCOHOL. It’s constantly advertised and constantly consumed.

New York City consumed 400 MILLION GALLONS of beer last year.

Officially. That’s just beer.A

nd it’s near impossible to find deep statistics, because they hide them.

India consumes close to Six BILLION LITERS of alcohol annually. Officially anyways. So double that EASY if not 10X it.

So anyways, imagine the figure per capita for Germany. The UK is a nation of functioning alcoholics.

Japan is a sight to behold when the sun goes down….everyone heads for the bars and eateries and drink and drink and drink. Every night. The stations are full of “Office Men” in suits, sprawled drunk all over. Not what you expect in Japan. But the day’s tensions are so high and the system’s anti-dote is more poison, only it numbs you.

So the deemons of Al Kuhul/Al Ghoul spread liberally, added to a general claustrophobia, noise of buses and trains and trams and people and repair and building construction….

.And with each dissonate sound, we flinch. Less and less as the years go by, but deep inside, when an ambulance races by with Red White and blue flashes and mourning, pitch perfectly toned siren to cause maximum discomfort in the listeners…. You flinch.

Go inwards.

Want to cover your ears. But we don’t. We are rougher than before, coarser senses.

So I practice un-flinching my self. I reach for those places that I know don’t even react anymore, so burned out.

Life in the Matrix/Meatrix is death oriented, anti-life, coarse.

To un-coarsen is to re-sensitize.

And goddess knows we need all our sensitivities and sensibilities and senses refined and sensitive. Such great hoaxes unfolding left and right.

Only the centered ones will really make it across the rolling log bridge. As in to thrive post this current and actually very extreme and real nonsense we are trapped in. Survival is a weak goal.

Let’s thrive…

May be an image of bird and nature

Feminine Breath…

September 24, 2021

Praan, Shwaas, Breath… this is the force of the animating dimension in this reality.

God blew into Adam’s (Clay Man) nostrils, the breath of life. And the clay became animated.

Hawa (literally Wind in persian) blew into Aadam and he was animated.

Aaaa Dum.

Dum is farsi for Praan/Chi.

Some of the codes are so simple.

Khud Aaa : Literally the Self Came (self Begotten)

Aaa Dum


Hawa (aka Dum)….

This is really telling and something I’m going to speak about on camera….

In the Hindu mythos, Brahma spoke the world into existence. AKA Breathed it into existence.

Shiva is Shava (Corpse) without Shakti.

Shakti Animates Shava into Shiva.

They are all telling us that Breath is the Feminine force, the Animatrix.

The Womb is a 5D space.

Only a creator can be a sustainer/nurturer.

Both the naked, jezbel, material, irresponsible western feminine archetype and the Burkha clad, oppressed, trapped, helpless Muslim Feminine archetype are careful constructs from the narrative makers.

With the rapid polarization of society, more people go to the extremes, the middle “gives” and we are in the mess we are in today.

Only the healed feminine can create healed children that can fundamentally change the vibe of the world.

Meanwhile, breathe, Geheri Shwaas lo….

Make friends with the Animatrix.

She is, so we are…

She is also the master mathematician.

Only through her, is 1+1 = 3 

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September 17, 2021

Satya, the sanskrit word for truth makes for an enlightening short dive.

The quality of a word in a master language like sanskrit speaks to it’s root/core.

English, as we all well understand by now, is a spell casting construct, with Grammer coming from Grimoire, the Necromancers guide, essentially.

Even the word for the alphabet in Sanskrit is Akshar.

A-Kshar, that which cannot be sub-divided.

A root sound.

One could write books on the beauty of this language. All root languages are like this.

Russian….whoa….super complex but also extensive rule set and makes for deep minds. Tamil, similar. Hebrew. Magyar.

They force you to think and speak with depth.

Latin and it’s bastard step-child, English meanwhile are languages of small vocabularies (much shrunk every year by the pun DITZ at the DICTIONary makers), Vague rules (Always an i before an e? Except after a C? Yes, with 36 exceptions, commonly used), obscure grammer with necromantic, darker undertones…they are, as tools of their creators, weapons of LAW and RELIGION…

It forces you to be a Memorizer (Spelling Bee anyone) not a resonator/creator.

So, let’s drop all the various connotations of Truth from our mind and think about SATYA…

The root of Satya is SAT.

And SAT means IS-ness,

What IS is SAT.

SAT-CHIT-ANANDA best translates to ISness, Consciousness-Bliss.

Sat is undeniable, Sat will fall on your toes and crush them.

If there is anything REAL in this REALm, it is SAT.

SAT-BHAV, compounded as SADBHAV implies the YIN and YANG of existence.

SAT is the Gold and BHAV or form is the Necklace.

You can melt away the bhav, but the sat always remains, pure.

If we are, which I most certainly think we….well, ARE….then SAT is the root or the core or the foundation of our BE-ing.

When you find that SAT, can touch it, feel it…. because you can….you connect to Supreme consciousness, because we are after all a SOuL, the U, the U-terus, the Grail with the seed from the SOL/SUN…

And therefore, you are in BLISS.

You see how Truth, which is a legally defined word, cannot take you there?

We all have a root language, from whence we came. Pays deep dividends to find that wellspring. We are lucky here in India, it is still alive….

Rigveda or Rig Veda Samhita 1028 Hymns Divided into 10 Books


September 16, 2021


The R and L hands of GOD.

I had long puzzled this reflection.

It had made no sense to me.

And then, like it usually does out of the blue (see, all in-sights come from out of the BLUE, the 5th, the speech, the throat….we have to rise above speech to rise again, we have to rise above food to rise again……. the Throat is the passage to the UNDER world. It’s where things move fast from air to water, to food, to shite and pee and out….the FALL is clearly into DENSITY and the RISE is clearly into the very bearable lightness of being…) I saw why this might be the Ultimate Reflection/Inversion on this REALm.

Whatever one makes of and attributes to and deifies as GOD, everyone has a GOD, even the atheist, logic/reason being their god etc…. and this GOD is at the top of out Totem pole so to speak.

Every ancient narrative speaks of these being beings that were here and then ascended.

Be that as it may, GOD, the SUPEREME.

So like pLay-Pay-pRay and cLown-Cown-cRown…

There was GOLD and GORD.

And gold of course was the incorruptible one, the pure one, the dense one, the shining one…but it is also the curse of Midas, greed and glitter….yet also the peak result of the alchemists pursuit.

And GORD is what tied it to US. To our bodies. To our very existence.


And who is GORD? Wabbit holes ALL WAYS get trippy…

Gordius (Greek Gordios), first king of Phrygia in Asia Minor and father of Midas.


So GORDius is the Father of Midas, whom GOLD drove mad.

And our very lives are a gordian knot.

In fact, the knot of musculature in our perinium is the external gordian knot and all the currents that meet in our heart and mind via the Vagus nerve and sense organs is the invisible one, the attachments, the memories, the desires, the hates, the loves….all of those streams/strings into the gordian knot of life.

When you, like Alexander (allegedly) break the GORDian knot or chop it, you are free.

GOLD binds, GORD liberates….

The father’s ref(L)ector becomes the son/sun’s curse.

This is how language is constructed…

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1MahaKaal Ahaari

SCIENCE…at it again!

September 12, 2021

Annnnnnnnnd lay dees and gent le Mans, back to save us, just when this universe had it’s chance to eat us, gobble us whole, burn us to a crisp etc. etc….. SCIENCE.

While you and I sleep, SCIENCE plods, nay races on.

SCIENCE, our holy guardian, the sword and the shield, the sum Ummmmm Num num and Boner of our egg Xi’s stance.

The un SENTI-Mental Senti-nal.

Scanning high and low, far and wide.

SCIENCE, the risk miti-gator.

See you Lator.

Gotta be SCIENCE-ing.

Did you know, for example, that the SUN wants to eat us? C?

YOU did not, but somewhere, in the dark of the night, as a SETI researcher slumped over his flickering green screen, A HOLY KNIGHT of SCIENTISM, soldiered on, for you , for me …oh for Humani TEE!

And he saw it, clear as MUD, with his SCIENTIFIC eyes, the SUN.

He had to do something about this hot burning ball.

He had to figure out a plan to go 92,000,000 Miles and put a blankey over it.

Or a shutter.

Or wait a minute, the sun weighs just…emmmm…let’s see….

OH HEY, how convenient…

The SUN weighs….333,000 times the earth. 333 thousand.

Haaaahaaaa….1.989 x 10 to the power of 30.

Kilograms. Ask them how they know?

Errrrummmm….M-Ass Spectroscopy. Ah, okay.

So this intrepid SCIENTIST figured out that we have to MOVE THE SUN.

Thass rite, could not move heaven OR earth, so let’s mooooove the SUN!

Supposedly, a mass that massive, spinning and racing and doing whatnot…. easy right,

NAASAA will send 333,000 Fans and blow blow blow. What if they blow the SUN OUT?

There are some calculations, some ASSumptions and such that say, it will be okay.

These solar powered fans will draw power from the Sun (how cool eh?) and blow and blow and blow.

Now this intrepid genius did say it will take a LONG time to move the SUN. Even a couple of MM.

But hey, taxpayer funded, who’s complaining eh?

And no, I did not make this UP!

The Headline:

“Scientist figures out how to move our sun to avoid space collisions”

The Bye bye line:

“Dodging a bullet with stellar engines would be a slow process though. Very slow.”

Stellar Engines.


Of course, some CGI to accompany such grand revelations…

What I like about SCIENCE, it engenders NO SHAME in it’s practioners.


Behold: CGIence!

No photo description available.

Butlerian YeeHawed!

September 12, 2021

One good thunderstorm puts this entire, cheap, fake tech-no-logical farce we call modern society in it’s place.

Crashed poles, uprooted trees, flooded roads, short circuits galore, vehicles sliding all over the place, people slipping on their fine marble steps, wearing their smoot leather soled pumps….

From my eyes, hoomanity…hoo boy….we’ve really lost it, collectively.

But we were guided into this PEN that is MIGHTIER than the SWORD!

Our technology can thrive in a VERY narrow band.

By design.

I’m sure you can see why.

When you are slave to their technology, you yourself begin to exist inside that narrow band.

No signal? No go!

Now imagine, just for a moment, that vehicles had evolved in such a way that you could pretty much take them anywhere.

Well then you would.

And imagine WHAT ALL would be discovered. Things, very important things, by way of monuments, power spots, trees, towns, water bodies, evidence of things old, very very old…

All telling stories that fly in the face of every sold out modern ology and graphy.

In a word, my pet peeve and first lurve, SCIENCE.

So they gave most of the world road going vehicles, dependent on fuel, so how far from fuel could you travel?

We already know, instinctively, that we live on something totally different from the lie that has been programmed down our throats.

And we also intuitively know that this is an abundant realm, so why all this miserly misery?

Science is KAA, Kipling’s Serpent hypnotically singing “Truuuuuussst in meeeeeee”….

All this false light has blinded us from the stars.

What was once abundant, we now have to go seek.

So, the technological mindset created a scarcity mind-set?


You see, unlike in nature (us included) where everything happens in it’s perfect, designated, designed time….

The machine is caught in an ever tightening loop of improved productivity.

And for that it had to learn how to slice time, faster and smaller.

It’s never enough.

60 Megapixels in a handphone is not enough.

2.6 GigaHurts Hex Core processors are not enough.

It’s never enough in the machine world.

And it shits out enormous amounts of toxic waste, analogous to the waste it puts in us….

This is why it can never win.

Everytime I think like this, I hear these words in my head:

“Take it back Vivek, Take it back”..

We should take it back…

Time for the Butler Ian Jee Haawd!

do we need a Butlerian Jihad? - Ricardo Pinto


September 10, 2021

Clothes, especially Clothes as we wear them now, came from Habits.

Monks and Nuns wear Habits.

We inhabit our clothes. Just like we inhabit our homes.

Clothes are a habit and habituated things become comfortable only after doing them repeatedly.

Habits are formed.

I imagine then that the dominant culture has the greatest effect on all our habits.

Because Habits are Acculturated.

Thus the ability of the culture controllers to effect us in big or subtle ways, every day.

All they need to do is effect a new fashion via totally controlled media.

Why is this so important. It’s just clothes, right?

Not really. You see…

You take your clothes out of a WARdrobe every day.

Alternately, a WARD-ROBE.

It’s either weak armour OR like a child, you wear what you are indicated to as to what you should be wearing.

Now look at the Businessman’s suit.

BTW, in case it’s not clear to everyone, EVERY American Congressman and Senator and every major politician is ALWAYS in a suit.

ALWAYS, suit and tie.



SUIT and TIE and SHOES and BELT are de riguer in the Capitalist world.



Now first things first, a tie demands a COLLAR-ed shirt.

So you’ve got your COLLAR on.

Next, on your throat chakra you TIE a TIE in a HANGMAN’S KNOT.

Literally choke the place from where truth is meant to flow.

If you speak the truth, you die.

The downward triangles on either side of the tie and outlined by the JACK-IT, make the serpants fangs.

Always the Old Sir-Pant.

Next, around your Manipura Chakr, your SUN, you tie a dead animals leather belt and pull in in tight.


COLLAR, TIE, BUCKLE….doing well so far eh? I’m sure you are seeing the picture.

On the JACK-IT’s ARMS, you have CUFFS and CUFF-LINKS.

Cuffs and Cuff Links. Oh my.

Seen all together, NOT GOOD eh?

But we still have to go to the Feet.

SHOD. in 99% of the Matrix, we can only walk around FULLY SHOD.

Hooves are shod.

Our SHOES are a travesty.

But do you see, from Neck to toe…


Truth-Choking TIE in a HANGMAN”S KONT

Ye Ole Sir-Pant’s fangs (Look on either side of the Tie)

The BELT and BUCKLE around your Belly.

Shod Feet.

You wish you could say neigh, but you can’t.

It’s true.

This is how we are trapped and it goes WAY deeper, with clothes alone.

More on this again, but for now, check out this natty dude with new eyes…

Fashion Dress Apparel 2 Piece Wool Classic Men's Business Suit Man Suits -  China Men Suit and Man Suit price |

Ssssssssssssss Pace anyone?

September 9, 2021
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Every time I get nervous about SCIENCE, and really wonder whether is happening or not, along comes NeverA StraigtAnswer to assuage my fears.

If there is science happening in low earth orbit, at 17,500 MPH, then surely it’s happening here.

Today’s two headlies that will allow me to sleep better at night:

“Crew Readies for Thursday, Sunday Spacewalks as Science Rolls On”


They forgot to mention how it ROCKS on too.

Gotta love SCIENCE with a mind of it’s own eh?

My way or the HIGHWAY says SCIENCE, as it ROLLS ON!

The next headlie is even cooler…”Spacewalks are set for Thursday and Sunday as the Expedition 65 crew keeps up with space science and lab maintenance.”

They’re KEEPING UP with space SCIENCE.

Lawd lurveaduck.

I cannot barely keep up with Earth Science and here they are keeping up with SPACE SCIENCE!


So SPACE SCIENCE must be empty too.

Just like the ASStronot’s skulls.

Oh and I get really excited when they show us pictures.

Especially of space walks.

I mean, which brilliant engineer would not put ALL SORTS of tender equipment on the OUTSIDE of a thin aluminum Canister hurtling through space at 17,500 MPH?

Space: The final frontier of SCIENCE AND STUPID.

How lucky we are to live in this age. No?


May be an image of outdoors

El Arbol del Tule!

September 7, 2021

The tree of Tule in Oaxaca, Mexico, boasts the largest trunk diameter in the world.

Just look at that. The little people give context to the sheer magnitude of this ENT.

Can you imagine being able to Talk to El Arbol de Tule?

A montezuma Cypress.

Estimated to be between 1600 and 6000 years old.

Close to 50 meters in girth.

And look at the name in the original, pre-spanish tongue:

Ahuehuete (meaning “old man of the water” in Nahuatl)….

The Old Man of the Water…….


Nahuatl….whoa….that sent a little shiver…

Nahua is Noah is Nuh is Manu is the common ground, the pre-jumble of history…. 🙂

But back to trees.

We need to rediscover the language of the trees.

All we’ve done the last 300-500 years is count the rings on dead ones….

May be an image of tree and nature


September 6, 2021

So, keeping with the theme of food, because it seems to be an important vibration, perhaps now more than ever.

As usual, I am given signs along my purification journey.

No mass manufactured packaged food or drink goes down well now. None of it.

I have to see, as far as possible, the hands that make my food.

It almost feels, every time I reach such crossroads, that I have popped out of another dominant paradigm.

People say, all the time…hey, it’s okay, once won’t hurt you….but this is not any conscious “giving-up” of anything on my part.

It’s raising the vibration so nothing dense or gross can stick anymore.

Natural, like a ripe fruit, it just falls off, of it’s own volition.

There was a time when I dreaded an Austere life, at least what looks austere from the outside perspective.

But living it is nothing like that at all.

It’s quality of quantity and continuous refinement.

Kind of ironic that “Refined Oil” is one of the most unrefined substances for our bodies. The food supply chain is full of such cruel jokes, but most are buying it.

This is how it’s working for me anyways.

Interestingly, for a societal perspective, food and what you do or do not eat is a subtle divider. Mis-matched vibrations.

In some ways, I’m beginning to see my own path narrowing.

Narrow is the Road, it is said, eh?

And it’s rising, so the perspective is ever broader….

And so much of the “Weight” we carry is with regards to food.

Kind of like having a full service 5 course meal at the top of mount ever-rest, level of not-happening-ness, eh?

Weigh And Way don’t play well together 🙂

En-lightenment is literal as much as it is figurative…

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Live Free or Die!

September 5, 2021

The health everyone is seeking is not possible or available within the confines of the matrix.

If you are wearing any non-natural fabric clothes, as an example you are toxifying yourself, electrically and literally.

ALL commercially beauty products are toxic.

Most drinking water is either flouridated or toxic.

ALL matrix food is toxic. From farm to table, it’s growth and preparation is full of toxins.

Electro-Magnetic toxification is of course faaaaaaaar in excess of what is natural or healthy.

All of it.

Audio pollution.

Vehicle exhaust.

Therefore, in some perverse way, when living in an unnatural system, one has to resort to unnatural measures, supplementation etc.

Sometimes, if you don’t shit, you die.

In fact, I think Allopathy was specifically developed along with the industrial boom of the 20th century.

A brutal medical system tailored to a brutal technical environment.

And the more subtly brutal the environment has become, so have the tools of toxification. Hospitals are all gleaming machines and control panels and whispered, stealth death.

Iatrogenic death, a pet peeve of mine and actually should be everyone’s. It’s the leading cause of death in the western medical system.

Anyways, as long as one is is in it, the question is how do you lessen your toxic load?

And ONLY ONE answer leaps out.

Simplify your life within the system.

Simple is NOT boring at all by the way.

I’ve been living an exquisitely simple life for 16 years now.


Fast. The organs need rest. If the assault is continuous, something in the chain “gives”.


Active cleansing. Enemas, sweats, scrubs, liver and kidney detoxes…..

See the system wants to de-nature you. Plastic everything, synthetic clothes, an electro-smog soup….

But the Matrix was a mockumantary.

And the Architect promised the Oracle that in the end, the Neo One’s could go free…

Freedom can ONLY come from discipline, in this system.

You can see, it does not reward sloth. It rewards hard work.

Another amazing dune quote…from the Sisterhood:

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.

The Coda

Whoa! How about that, hmmmmm?

It’s what we choose to work hard on that changes everything, especially the now’s and the outcomes….

Deeper my friends…

live free or die 😉


September 3, 2021

Obviously, at first glance, the picture is, for lack of a better phrase, picture perfect.

A marvelously maintained Cottage in the perpetually gray but beautiful english countryside. Wildflowers, a patch of green and what not.

But then you pay attention to the cottage. It’s close to 500 years old, in the village of Lower Weald, East Hampshire if you must know.


The construction of these amazing buildings is done basically with straw, clay and sand, stomped by oxen or human, mixed with a little lime here in India…

And you have a mix stronger and MUCH longer lasting than concrete.

These cottages were literally sculpted with and from Cob. And some wood framing of course, big beams of old oaks and such.

And look at that roof. So perfect for a wet and in the winter snowy climate. That cob is so many layers thick (yet light), nothing is getting through, it just slides off.

And yet, BRICK chimneys.

Red Brick is an ancient building material, it carries a powerful resonance for us, brick buildings exude warmth.

Brick and mortal lasts forever. Stronger as it ages.

And cob is a living home, You add, subtract, refresh.

In India, a cow dung/straw slurry is used for the refresher. It is the most brilliant feeling to be ensconced in that traditional wall cover. Insect repellent too.

That is why the use of lime in mortar was discouraged and CEMENT, was brought in.

You see, the age of natural haptics was over….of roundness and rough but comfortable surface texture…No more ARCH in ARCHitecture…

The age of the CUBE had dawned and CEMENT was it’s enabler in architecture. Because you could lay straight lines in Cement.

Round pillars became square and rectangular.

CORNERS are CORONERS, they kill resonance.

We have corners all around us.

We were spheres who are in the process of being cubed.

In-CUBE-ated in Cubicles

Living in cement enabled HIGH RISE APART-MENT Communities.

Apart-ment Communities.


We live in FLATS. What does that tell us, words being what they are?

How important an issue is this?


We are creatures of resonance caught in an increasingly dissonant world.
It’s why the speakers are so good now a days, they’re trying to recreate the warmth of resonant spaces….

We need to recover rotundity!

Like this awesome and sweet and strong building has all over it…

It’s a fractal world. Modern women largely hate any rotundity. Flat abs all around please. Goombye baby making…

Yup, it’s that important….

A home is a womb 🧙

Anyways, Lower Wealds, Cottage, Magick!

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September 2, 2021

There is a famous saying in spiritual circles in India. Much bandied about, much handed down and much much central to the thesis of life.

That phrase is “Naam Roopi Duniya Hai, Pehele Naam, Phir Roop”..

नाम रुपी दुनिया है , पहले नाम फिर रूप

Literally: It is a name formed world, first name, then form.

Essentially conveying two things. To create something, first comes it’s name, the associative tag.

Along with the name comes the mane, the spirit.

And Spirit moves the world via the word/name.

Very interesting too how many older languages had homonym-ish words for Name.

The word name comes from Old English nama; cognate with Old High German (OHG) namo, Sanskrit नामन् (nāman), Latin nomen, Greek ὄνομα (onoma), and Persian نام (nâm), from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) *h₁nómn̥.[1] Outside Indo-European, it can be connected to Proto-Uralic *nime.

That from Whackypedia.

How interesting, I thought.


Praise the Name!

That which is Un-Namable, so all you can say is Name..

Nama Stoote!


In the Vedic story, Brahma Spoke the world into existence. Literally poured out of his mouth.

Thus they are telling us that the original tongue could create at will…

Sound, the Anahat Naad, अनाहत नाद , the Unstruck drum/sound is the parent medium of our created world.

We live in an acoustic, cymatic pressureverse.

Thus all the Strum and Drang, the Thunder and Lightening, the Donner Und Blitzen, the गरज कड़क …

Back to the Name, the Nama, the force of creation….

That is his important our Name is.

In India, great attention used to be paid to the naming ceremony. Astrological nudges et. al.

My parents, I think to their later regret, named me Vivek, which means discernment, of a very high sort.

In fact, they say that for Moksha, the three qualities needed are Vivek (Discernment), Vairagya (Detachment) and Vigyaan (Wisdom)…

It is the word you will hear most in the world. It better be good for you.

My discernment told me shortly into high school that I was being fed some kind of crazy sauce in the disguise of education. Could not put a finger on it of course.

But Vivek-filled I became.

And discerned that the lie was huge, deep and sweeping. And the process is ongoing, as you can all see, everyday.

And now comes the twist.

Every THING started life as a name…

Nail, hammer, saw, house, door, chair…

The name tag makes it real, else it is un-describable.

And what do they call “How to Say a word”?


How to Enunciate a PRONOUN.

What is a PRONOUN?


So every word we PRONOUNCE is a NAME!

And the Name, the NAMA is everything.

This is why it’s so important to wield this tongue with such knowing.

We have the building blocks in our hand, but it’s a mismatched, slightly erased set.

That aside, knowing this much, made me question the root of everything…

Give and take names with due consideration 🙂


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September 1, 2021

BAD words, like abuse are toxic to the speaker and listener.

Language is the root of this existence.

To call someone a motherfucker is terrible.

It’s been normalized. That’s all.

Fuck you, fuck this, fuck that…. if words are primary, first and all powerful, then what a strange world we are speaking into existence where on the street (in India it’s TERRIBLE, men abuse filthly in the normal course, the language river was deeply muddied here as well) it’s not uncommon to hear streams of abuse, into cell phones or boisterously with friends. Now the women are getting into it as well. Liberation, the freedom to abuse openly and fuck freely….at least the fauxminist version.

But I digress…….

The TONgue must be purified. It reflects a pure mind.

I can say for sure dropping abuse changed my vibe, completely.

I was in the Navy, it was THE routine and expected of us officers.

And then, like all good More-ons (not Less-ons), I got mine nice and good. It was almost an initiation into kindness…in a pretty spectacular location…..

So, the year was 1992 and Lt. Chaturvedi, fresh ly minted Weapons Maintainance Officer of INS Vikrant, India’s largest and oldest ship, was 23, hot off training, cocksure and nasty tongued.

It was like being thrown in the deep end. An aircraft carrier is like a 12 level maze of compartments, corridors, hatchways, ladders, bulkheads, piping, wiring, tanks….

An UNHOLY mess. And old. And I had to get to know it, fast.

My right hand man was a genial sikh, Master Chief Petty Officer Singh. He was 50. 2 years to retire. Had spent 30 of those years on this ship. He knew every nook and cranny like the back of his hand. He had seen my kind come and go. He had me sussed. HE knew I needed his help, but wanted me to ask, nicely.

Anyways, having got called out by my Commander for some oversight, I summoned Master Sahib, as I used to call him, to the flight hanger. A huge, cavernous empty deck, which holds the aircraft, and a lift that can take them to the flight deck.

And there, for no real reason, I let loose on Master Sahib. Doing what I thought officer’s did. He was unmoved. Unimpressed. Unafraid.

And as I was AB-using I looked him in the eye and I saw, of all things, pity.

It was like a body blow.

Here was this man old enough to be my father and I was giving him a tongue lashing, for no good reason, in terrible language. And it was BOOMING in the hanger.

It was like a switch went off. I stopped and immediately apologized to him. Profusely. I’m good like that. Direct, honest, unafraid. He saw what had transpired. It was totally different from that moment on. I had advance notice on everything, deep info on sailor morale, family issues….just like that. When I left 18 months later, we all had a good cry over beer and pakodas at the Sailor’s mess.

But from that moment on, I pulled back, really hard and within 6 months, no more. And it was really strange, it was like I popped out of a certain dominant vibe.

So, it coming on to 30 years now, my tongue has been relatively very very clean. My mind still goes places.

We all have things to rage at, and our rage language, by habit, involves abuse 🙂

But I highly recommend this fast to everyone as well.

If mofo and gaamdu and chumtiya and bc and mc is part of your daily, fast from it. See how it feels. See how people react to you differently.

Also good to remember that these words carry their vibe whether WE like it or not. A certain resonance that occupies, by default then, a part of our spectrum. I wanted none of it.

It’s been good.

Happy fasting 😉

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September 1, 2021


The Alpha Beta

The Alif Bet

Not the Alphazed.

So is it all over at B?

No, but that is where it Begins.

A alone can not create. Look at that letter.

Why is it Adam, the original?


Soul/Higher vibration/dimension, coming in from above, splits at the PIneal into the spirit and the flesh.

Connecting both with that line across at the heart.

This is the construct of A.

The whole Aleph Bet is constructed like this, reflected in our bodies in their perfected forms, not the incomplete forms we RITE in.

So A need B to complete itself.



M here is the waters of creation that flow in the AMMA…

B, as you can C, is shaped like the Bi-furcated Brain.

And it of course is contained in the ? C-rainium.

That’s your ABC and Pi.

And so it goes.

These are the building blocks of the RITE of W-RITING

They are not some spawntaneous assemblage of squiggles.

Look at the complexity of the world that hangs by them.

What does the RITE do?

Look at this little inversion:

It IN-SCRIBES on a paper to DE-SCRIBE something.

And ALL (W)riting is DE-SCRIPT-ion.

Wait, everything is self-cancelling here.

What’s the game Frandz?

What, if not plain earth, is under-foot?


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